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Creating a graphic novel but stopping along the way to take some photos, eat some food and admire great art!

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Black Cat by Frank Kadar

Brooklyn born Frank A. Kadar currently lives in Englewood, NJ with his 8 year old Daschund. There are two pieces of work he’s showcasing to illustrate his pencils and inking techniques. Pencil work of Black Cat I like the feel of this piece! Frank did a great job capturing the subject as well as the […]

Wonder Woman by Nicola Scott

Nicola Scott is one of the more prominent comic artists currently living in Sydney. She’s currently exclusive on DC having worked on Birds of Prey and Secret Six. I was lucky enough to meet her during her appearance at Free Comic Day May 2008 where she was nice enough to draw a Wonder Woman sketch […]

Portugese Egg Tarts

Easily the best Portugese egg tarts from “little Portugal” in Sydney. Delicious flaky pastry with fantastic egg custard filling. The secret taking it from good to exceptional is the light dusting of cinnamon on top. Unfortunately each tart is pretty pricy so it will be a once in a while treat rather than something regular. […]

Secret Invasion TPB – Marvel

Last week I finally picked up the TPB of Marvel’s Secret Invasion which collates all eight issues of the series. The story is written by super scribe Brian Michael Bendis (of Ultimate Spider-man fame) and pencilled by the amazing Leinil Yu. I’ve been keeping my head under the proverbial rock to make sure the story […]

Timothy Rees Artwork

41 year old Timothy Rees from Cornwall, England has produced some amazing sequential pieces to showcase in between his job as a substitute teacher at local primary schools. Tim’s Marvel submission highlights his sequential storytelling skills. Unfortunately due to the size restrictions, a lot of intricate details were lost in the below jpegs from the […]

He’s Just Not That Into You . . .

In the spirit of the movie, I will try and explain the role of games and competition to men. A friend recently approached me and couldn’t understand the actions of her husband. Scenario : Her husband had stayed up all night to beat a high score set by her on a tennis game (Nintendo Wii). […]

Assorted Baklava

Following on from Valentine’s Day, something sweet to get your teeth into. Baklava consists of layers of pastry filled with crushed nuts and held all together with honey or syrup. Using various shapes and nuts, you can get a variety of textures and tastes. There’s a pastry shop which specialises in this delicacy and I […]

Valentine’s Day with Mike Crichlow

On this special day, Mike Crichlow provided this site with a Valentine’s Day image. Lucky Pookie. For any aspiring artist, Mike’s story is a must read. It’s a difficult industry to get into but with perserverance and hardwork, anything is possible. Thanks Mike for the telling of a truly inspirational life story and all the […]

HEROES is back for 2009

Heroes has returned for 2009 and it sees Nathan enacting his plan (from the last episode in 2008) to capture various people with abilities under the auspices of national security. The tone was very different for this episode and it felt a lot more like the first season in terms of mystery and suspense. An […]

Ip Man – Movie Review

Ip Man follows the story of Bruce Lee’s teacher from his idyllic time in China before World War 2 to his escape to Hong Kong. The movie prior to World War 2 is much more light hearted however with Japanese invasion, the movie takes on a much darker tone. The Japanese not content to simply […]