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Creating a graphic novel but stopping along the way to take some photos, eat some food and admire great art!

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New Year’s Eve 2008 – Zatanna

On the eve of 2009, wishing everyone a Happy New Year! Make sure you stick to your resolutions and hope the new year turns out fantastic. From Amiya, Zatanna ushering in the New Year.

Merry Christmas 2008 – Supergirl

Wishing everyone a very MERRY CHRISTMAS! Be good now y’all. Festive Supergirl picture by David Enciso. Check out his website for more of his work at :

Call for Submissions – Artist – Writer – 2009

In 2008 SIGMATESTUDIO has been posting some amazing works. I have several works in the pipeline but would love to talk to and showcase more people. So . . . want to show off your art or writing skills to the world in 2009? Reach me at sigmatestudio [at] and we’ll discuss what needs […]

Great Present Idea for Christmas

Stuck for a good present idea? There are lots of collectible coins and notes stores around. Try picking up a coin from the year they were born or a significant year (e.g. graduation year). It’s something different and it’s a different spin from just giving them money. Well . . you are giving them money […]

Spiderwoman by Jean Sinclair

Jean Sinclair is an awesome upcoming Brazilian artist. Although currently focusing on pin ups, some of his sequentials are fantastic. I was so impressed with his artwork that I commissioned a Spiderwoman piece from him and also managed to ask him a couple of questions about himself. Firstly . . how did you get started […]

Ice-Cream Tiramisu

My first attempt at making ice-cream tiramisu. One layer of sponge fingers soaked in Kahlua, marsala (italian wine) and coffee followed by a layer of high quality vanilla ice-cream with a dusting of grated chocolate. This was then repeated twice. It may not look particularly “pretty” in the photo but it was definitely delicious!

Batgirl by Amiya

I found Amiya’s work one day and was very impressed by it, so much so that I requested a commission from him. Through the process I got to find out a little more about him. Is Amiya your real name or a pen name? My full name is Andrew Amiya Yerrakadu. Amiya is my middle […]

Drawing Course – Recap

A recap of the 8 week journey for my first life drawing course. The course taught a lot of different techniques and it was a lot of fun. I hope I have the opportunity put into practice some of things I have learnt. Prequel – Enrolment Prequel – Equipment Week 1 – Contour Week 2 […]

Life Drawing – Karl Mattas

Hard to believe there’s exactly 2 weeks till Christmas! Time has gone past too quickly. With the Life Drawing course concluded, I asked the instructor Karl Mattas if he would be interested to answer a few questions for about how he started out and his approaches to teaching. When did you start art professionally? […]

Drawing Course – Week 8

With Week 7 completed, this was the last week of the Life Drawing course. A next technique shown was cross contour which builds up the depth in the sketch, giving a three dimensional feel to it. This was my attempt with the focus on the face. I tried to illustrate the model’s high cheek bones. […]