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Creating a graphic novel but stopping along the way to take some photos, eat some food and admire great art!

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Sigmate Studio – Super Fan

It’s awesome to receive photos like these. Here’s Owen Heitmann (Amplified Press) working his way through the entire Sigmate Studio catalogue. He mentioned that Word Smith was his favourite! Owen Heitmann :

End of 2018

On the road so far . . .

The Comic Place

Link to Word Smith Kickstarter. The Word Smith Kickstarter was successfully funded last Friday. Sorry for the delay in posting but a huge thanks to all the supporters with 274 backers and $8008 raised. Wow! It was a long campaign so I’m taking a little time out to myself but will keep the updates coming […]

Tabby – A lot can happen in a year

2015 is the year that Sigmate Studio launched its first graphic novel, Tabby – Action, Romance and Cute Cats and the Tabby Sketchbook. It has been a roller coaster of a year (or 15 years if you are counting in cat years). It definitely was a whole year of firsts! Dec 2014 Everything was set. […]

Project Tabby – Printed

Tabby Sketchbook is now printed! It’s an amazing experience to actually hold the physical copies, it’s very hard to describe! For everyone who has pledged to make the Tabby Sketchbook a reality, your rewards are slowly being packed and being shipped through October. (Not long now!) 1st Printing of the Tabby Sketchbook : A small […]

Project Tabby – Kickstarter – Thanks!

Tabby Sketchbook is now finished and funded on Kickstarter! 49 amazing pledgers to get there. It’s definitely a humbling experience to have so many people’s support for this project. Thanks :

Project Tabby – Kickstarter – Captain Tabby

Tabby Sketchbook is still up on Kickstarter with 8 days left to go! One of the amazing sketches that is part of the project featuring Tabby as Captain America with artwork by P.R. Dedelis! Sketch – Captain Tabby :

Project Tabby – Kickstarter – Catwalk

Tabby Sketchbook is still up on Kickstarter! One of the amazing sketches that is part of the project featuring Tabby & Poppy with artwork by P.R. Dedelis! Sketch – Catwalk :

Project Tabby – Kickstarter

Tabby Sketchbook has been launched on Kickstarter! Please support it if you can as well as share the link around. It’s been a crazy 24 hours since it was launched, it reached its funding goal already so the project will be going ahead. It did it in less than half the time of the first […]

Project Tabby Sketchbook – News

Click for Epilogue – Page 2 Big News coming up! The Tabby Kickstarter Kickstarter was a great success. One of the rewards was original sketches from the artist P.R. Dedelis. Some examples of these sketches have been posted as previous posts! (Have a good dig through some older posts to check them out.) Anyway . […]