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Creating a graphic novel but stopping along the way to take some photos, eat some food and admire great art!

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*Boooo* Happy Halloween all (or also known as All Hallow’s Eve). Don’t eat too much candy! [Image courtesy of Wikimedia Commons]

Drawing Course – Week 2

Following on from Week 1, two different techniques were shown this week. The first technique was a gesture (or nonsense) sketch. It’s meant to be disassociative, where you start from the middle and build out, as opposed to contour where you start from the edges. This technique is meant to be able to capture a […]

A Dark Knight by Jack Redd

Jack Redd is an English based artist who has been doing some amazing superhero pin-ups. He took the time out to have a chat with me in regards to his work and allowed me to showcase one of his pieces. What originally got you into comics? I originally got into art through comics, I mean […]

Green Tea Ice-cream with Azuki

Following on from Green Tea Latte and Green Tea Cappucino, here’s a very delicious Green Tea Ice-cream with Azuki (Red Bean) and cornflakes for the extra crunch. Mmmm . . cornflakes . . .

Sydney Opera House – Photo

Another photo from Alan L, I like the composition of the seagull focused in the foreground with the Opera House blurred in the background.

Drawing Course – Week 1

Back in August I enrolled in a new drawing course and picked up the required equipment last Thursday. The course was different to what I expected but it was really good fun, with the two hours flying by in an instant. It was a small course of ten people run by artist Karl Mattas. The […]

She-Hulk by Michael Bridges

Michael Bridges does some of the most incredible paintings with a focus on superheroes. More of his samples can be found in his site Superhero Portraits. If interested in purchasing any of Michael’s work you can check out his eBay Auctions. I was fortunate enough to ask Michael a few questions in relation to his […]

New Drawing Course Next Monday!

The new drawing course starts next Monday. I did a little shopping Thursday night and I’m ready with all the supplies. This will be the first time I will be experimenting with willow charcoal. It’s all very exciting for me! Will be posting up some of my work when I start the course.

Cookies and Coffee

I was shopping recently and walked past Famous Amos (a cookie franchise). Anyway I took a double take when I realised who the staff at this particular shop had used for their mascot. Could this be the dream job for Cookie Monster? After having a quick chat with their mascot, I ordered a nice hot […]

Invisible Woman by Tim Tyler – ENGINE

Tim Tyler is the inker and artist on several independent titles including Faust, Razor and the newly released Engine (full review of Engine coming soon!). Engine #1 is available now in Diamond Previews so hassle your local comic book store to order in a copy if you like his work. I had the opportunity to […]