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Creating a graphic novel but stopping along the way to take some photos, eat some food and admire great art!

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Phoenix by David Enciso – Part 2

With the preliminary sketch approved I made 2 comments to David : A darker colour scheme. Darker reds on her costume. Fire surrounding her in a phoenix shape. The colouring moved the sketch to a whole new level. Attention to detail and how the flames are shown are simply amazing. Notice the phoenix outline in […]

Phoenix by David Enciso – Part 1

David Enciso is a Canadian artist, illustrator, concept artist extraordinaire. His website has some of the most amazing samples of his work. Very clean drawings and amazing details in his colouring. I bid on one of his eBay commissions (his eBay id is dextroyer1980 and his items for sale are here) and unfortunately I […]


From a little cafe about 10 minutes from where I live. It doesn’t serve Green Tea Latte but it serves great coffee.

Green Tea Latte

It’s not a Green Tea Cappuccino but would you say “No” to a Green Tea Latte?

Paris Skyline from Notre Dame – Photo

This view of the Paris skyline was taken from the top of Notre Dame. I really like the composition and if you look at the horizon, you’ll notice the Eiffel tower. Although taken from the same place this photo is very different to the Garygoyle photo. I refer to this as my “Batman” photo as […]

Wall-E – Movie Review

Pixar’s latest film Wall-E was released last Thursday here in Australia. I have always loved Pixar films and managed to get the oppurtunity over the weekend to check it out. The film has outdone itself with the computer graphics and animation. The work is sublime! Extraordinary detail has been placed on the desolate earth scenes […]

Preliminary Sketches

Was clearing up some files for my website and found the original preliminary sketches for two artists featured previously. Have a look at the updated posts complete with the preliminary sketches : DC Trinity by Luis XIII Spiderman by GW Fisher

TANGO 8 – Recap

Whew . . it’s been an interesting week and a bit but I’ve covered the entire design process for my Tango 8 submission from beginning to end. I’m pleased as a first attempt to get published! There’s another project (actually 2 other projects) but still very much in the scripting / design phase. Anyway follow […]

TANGO 8 – Final Submission

This is where it all comes together. Inking and lettering were digitally done. Unfortunately the picture is a little distorted after shrinking to fit the site but the words are still “just” legible. Enjoy!

TANGO 8 – Sketches and Layout

Some of my initial concept sketches for the piece. The top right showed the layout I envisioned for the page. My main aim was to get the woman’s body angle correct. I was lucky that the initial sketch kind of turned out the way I wanted it to. Decided against using the full body in […]