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Creating a graphic novel but stopping along the way to take some photos, eat some food and admire great art!

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Artwork of Robert Sage

Robert Sage initially created artwork in oils for various galleries and art fairs. He has started his transition into story telling and more sequential work. He’s also currently on first play through of Final Fantasy XII and reading Douglas Adam’s Dirk Gently‚Äôs Holistic Detective Agency. Above the Treetops : Thanks for your time to answer […]

Nyobi – Kickstarter – Larry Higgins

Click to check out Nyobi Kickstarter. Nyobi #1 written by Larry Higgins and illustrates by David Coates is the first issue of a J-Pop who discovers she has teleportation powers. However the writing is not your standard superhero fare. Cover : I was provided an initial preview copy and was impressed by the writing. The […]

Project Tabby – Kickstarter – Less than 2 weeks

Less than 2 weeks left on the Tabby Kickstarter! Thanks for all the support and pledges so far. If you are planning to pledge, please pledge before the time runs out. It is really appreciated if you want to share the link around! https://www.kickstarter.com/projects/1917428739/tabby-action-romance-and-lots-of-cute-cats

Artwork of Tirso Llaneta

Tirso Llaneta is a 39 year old Filipino artist who is showcasing an incredible X-Men piece. This was created using Pentel brush for the outlines, inks for the shadow and markers for the shadows. Some water colour was applied for the skin tone. Pencils : Inked : Coloured : That’s an awesome X-Men piece! Thanks! […]

Xtreme Champion Tournament (XCT) by Shaun Paulet

Check out Issue #2 on Kickstarter NOW! I had the opportunity to review XCT (Xtreme Champion Tournament) #0 & #1 and discuss the story with the creator Shaun Paulet. However I do want to showcase that XCT #2 is currently on Kickstarter! Please check out the Kickstarter and support this great Australian story! XCT #2 […]

Artwork of Jun Premiro

Jun Premiro is a Filipino 39 years old illustrator who has the most amazing line work. I had the opportunity to have a quick chat with him to ask him a few questions. Thanks for Jun for your time! How long have been drawing for? Been drawing since I held a pencil in my hand […]

Tabby in the news! (And Black Cat Reward!)

Click for Epilogue – Page 2 Click for Kickstarter. Support Tabby for awesome rewards! Project Tabby has been written by a Sydney (Australia) Newspaper! (Link to Newspaper Article) The print and the web versions are slightly different. I’m so excited about this write up! They have also requested to do a follow up story at […]

Female Guardians of the Galaxy

Amazing Artist Proof by Frank Kadar of Gamora, Angela and Captain Marvel now available on eBay. This one is a Marvel 75th Anniversary Artist Proof Sketch Card and is hand painted by Frank. Bid high and bid often! Guardians of the Galaxy :

Project Tabby – Epilogue – Page 2

Click for Epilogue – Page 1 Click for Kickstarter. Support Tabby for awesome rewards! Thank you everyone who has followed the rough sketches for Tabby from the beginning to the end. Tabby Jnr and Tabby watch the sunset as Tabby Jnr thinks back on his time with Cait. Epilogue Page 2 : Click for Kickstarter. […]

Project Tabby – Epilogue – Page 1

Click for Act 3 – Page 18 & 19 Roughs Click for Kickstarter. Support Tabby for awesome rewards! While the rest of the family are excited about the new fish market opening, Cait looks back on the short time she spent with Tabby Jnr. Epilogue Page 1 Click for Kickstarter. Support Tabby for awesome rewards!