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Creating a graphic novel but stopping along the way to take some photos, eat some food and admire great art!

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Thor – Upper Deck – Showcase Sketch Cards by Frankie Washington

With a planned release date of 15 March 2011, Upper Deck is releasing the card set to tie with the upcoming Thor movie (6 May release). Featured artist Frankie Washington has kindly provided a scoop of what the set contains as well as provided a showcase of his incredible work. You might be lucky enough […]

Artwork of Chris Staggs

I featured a very cool Hellboy by Ohio based Chris Staggs yesterday. In this post is a showcase of some of this sketch work (incredible!), an amazing Zombie cover and a Batman montage! Sketches : Zombie Cover : Batman Montage : Thanks for letting me ask you a few questions. So tell me a little […]

Hellboy by Chris Staggs

A sneak preview for upcoming featured artist Chris Staggs. The full interview will be posted up soon so keep watching this space. In the mean time though, a very blue Hellboy!

Zatanna by Randy Kintz

I had previously showcased some of Randy Kintz’s eBay work, however I always had a soft spot for Zatanna. (Click on the below picture to be taken directly to the eBay auction. Remember to bid high and bid often if you like it!) Zatanna :

Valentine’s Day 2011 by Mike Crichlow

Mike has provided the 2010 Valentine’s post as well as the 2009 Valentine’s post. This year will be no exception with a very sexy image! (Love it!) Hope everyone has a great Valentine’s Day and thanks again to Mke for allowing me to showcase the picture. 2010 Showcase : 2009 Showcase : Deviant Art : […]

Spider-Man Hobgoblin Artist Proof

A rare chance to pick up some original artwork by Frank Kadar. From Rittenhouse Archive’s set – Marvel Heroes & Villains, an artist proof featuring Spider-Man and the Hobgoblin! Click on either picture to be taken to the auction on eBay. If you like it, bid high and bid often! Front : Back :

Ayam Goreng Sambal

It’s a been a while since the last food post. Thought I’d share this one, it’s the most incredible sambal (chilli) at this Indonesian restaurant. You can see the chilli seeds literally dripping in the sauce. Their specialty is fried chicken (Ayam Goreng), it’s very hot but oh so good.

Supernatural Julia Maxwell Mother of All

Supernatural has concluded in 2010, with the closure of Sam’s soul story arc. I’ve just seen the newest episode (S06E12 – Like a Virgin) and it’s a great start picking up on the “monster purgatory” storyline. A new villain is introduced as the “Mother of All” portrayed by Julia Maxwell. Can’t wait for the rest […]

Batgirl Poison Ivy Huntress by Randy Kintz

A showcase of the Bat family (Batgirl, Poison Ivy and Huntress) by Randy Kintz. All of the below are currently on sale on eBay, click on the respective picture to be taken to the auction. Love Randy’s work, it reminds me a little of J Scott Campbell of the Dangergirl fame. To check out more […]