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Creating a graphic novel but stopping along the way to take some photos, eat some food and admire great art!

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Dragons – Princess Zhu – Commission

During Supanova Sydney 2015, I had the opportunity to meet Australian artist Sarah Ellerton. She did this amazing commission of Princess Zhu from my upcoming Dragons project. The scan really doesn’t do it the justice it deserves! Dragons – Princess :

Project Tabby – Supanova Sydney

Click for Epilogue – Page 2 Tabby will be making its first comic convention appearance at Supanova Sydney this weekend from Friday 19-Jun-15 to Sunday 20-Jun-15. There will be a Sigmate Studio delegate on the Friday however you’ll be able to get Tabby autographed from me on Saturday! Where will Tabby be? Tabby will be […]

Dragons – Character Designs – Hua – Rong – Thug

Some additional character designs from my upcoming project Dragons with the artwork from P.R. Dedelis. The initial arc of the first story has a very Asian settings borrowing Japanese, Chinese and Korean elements in theme and designs. This is a sneak peek at the production process at this point as I’ll be covering more of […]

Princess Sketch – Artwork by P.R. Dedelis

A sneak peek at a character concept from P.R. Dedelis. The detail is amazing! This one is a fantasy story and what’s a fantasy story without a princess? Dragons – Princess :

Project Tabby – Berkelouw Books Balgowlah

Click for Epilogue – Page 2 Tabby has made it to its first book store! I love the way they have setup the display for Tabby. You can now purchase Tabby from : Berkelouw Books Balgowlah 24/215 Condamine Street Balgowlah NSW 2093 (02) 9948 1133 It was the most surreal experience to see the display […]

Project Tabby – Sketch Rewards

Click for Epilogue – Page 2 The sketch rewards for the Tabby Kickstarter have arrived! I’m planning to be doing a lot of packing this weekend. They are even more incredible in real life and the pledgers are in for a real treat. All the Tabby interior sketches also arrived and they are incredible, it’s […]

Project Tabby – Shipping Rewards

Click for Epilogue – Page 2 The Tabby Kickstarter‘s Wall of Fame is slowly building up! There’s quite a few names there now! (If you are a pledger, please let me know if there is anything you want me to change in your name entry.) I can’t believe how much work is involved packing and […]

Project Tabby – In Print

Click for Epilogue – Page 2 The Tabby Kickstarter‘s first print run is now completed. It’s a surreal experience holding a copy of the published work in your hands. I can’t believe how much work it took and so happy to have the final products. Nearly everyone requesting their copy signed so I’m practising to […]

Project Tabby – Sketch Rewards

Click for Epilogue – Page 2 All the sketch rewards for the Tabby Kickstarter have now been completed. Approaching the final stages before all the rewards are sent out. I’m showcasing some of the detailed sketches that the pledgers will be receiving. Play Time : Justice : Wolverine :

5 Seconds – Jake and Ellie

With Project Tabby funded and getting finalised for funding, it’s time to provide a quick sneak peek at the next project I am currently working on 5 Seconds. The premise of 5 Seconds is Jake developing the ability to see 5 seconds into the future with Ellie following along for the ride. It’s not a […]