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Creating a graphic novel but stopping along the way to take some photos, eat some food and admire great art!

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Project Tabby – Page 11 & 12 roughs

More roughs from Project Tabby. I like these 2 pages, they show Tabby and his family enjoying some fishy treats. One of the kittens is missing though! (The next few pages were cover where he is!). Act 1 is to set the scene and establish the central conflict. Wait for Act 2 for the fur to fly.

If you missed the previous roughs you can click for Page 8 & 9 roughs.

Page 11 roughs :
Tabby, P.R Dedelis, artwork, roughs, fish market

Page 12 roughs :
Tabby, P.R Dedelis, artwork, roughs, fish market

Sketch Covers – Venom – Ghost Rider by Frank Kadar

A couple of sketch covers done by Frank Kadar! This is an opportunity to get some amazing original artwork on eBay. Remember to bid high and bid often!

Ghost Rider :
Ghost Rider, Venom, Frank Kadar, eBay, sketch covers

Venom :
Ghost Rider, Venom, Frank Kadar, eBay, sketch covers

Project Tabby – Page 8 & 9 roughs

Project Tabby is progressing well. Act 1 is now inked and Act 2 has started! I’ll continue to provide artwork updates and in this post are the roughs for Page 8 and Page 9. The second family of cats (a.k.a. Fish Market Family) after being chased up from their arrive decide to move into Tabby’s neighborhood and explore their new surroundings!

Page 8 roughs :
Tabby, P.R Dedelis, artwork, roughs, fish market

Page 9 roughs :
Tabby, P.R Dedelis, artwork, roughs, fish market

Project Tabby

In the last post, I did a call out to anyone interested in been a background character in my current project.

So :
What is this project?

I’m calling it Project Tabby until I finalise the name. The basic premise is Tabby’s (the protaginist cat) idyllic lifestyle is turned upside down when another family of cats enter the neighborhood. The story is split into 3 Acts with a short epilogue.

Writing this has been difficult as one of the challenges was to be able to tell the story without any of the cats “speaking“. The concept would the artwork and sequential panels would be enough to convey the story without the main characters talking. (Think the montage at the beginning of Up!)

So :
How can you tell a story without talking?

Most of it will have to do with facial expressions. (This is made harder when the characters aren’t human!) I have included the rough sketches done by P. R. Dedelis. This is the other family of cats being chased out from their neighborhood before deciding to move into Tabby’s area.

Tabby, P.R.Dedelis, Graphic novel, project start

I’ll continue to post updates on the creation of this graphic novel! Keep checking back to this site for updates.

Creating a Graphic Novel – Call out

I will be writing a post with a lot more of details but my current project is really taking shape now! The script has now been written and edited. (There’s 3 Acts and an epilogue.) Currently working with an artist (more details to come of the artist, P. R. Dedelis!) and making great progress through Act 1.

So :
“Want to be part of a graphic novel?”

I’m looking for people who would like to be included as a background character for some of the scenes. (I haven’t planned what you will be doing yet.)

So :
“What’s the catch?”

Of course there’s a catch, (It’s not much a catch!) when the graphic novel is completed you’ll be under a obligation to buy a copy. It’s a great story and great artwork AND your likeness in one of the pages! More details on the story will be coming up soon.

There is a limited opportunity so please let me know early via the comments or email info [at] to let me know. I can’t guarantee if you be slotted in but I will do my best.

Background, Tabby, project, personal, artwork

Stan Lee – ‘Nuff Said

A once in a lifetime opportunity to meet Stan Lee! ‘Nuff Said.

Stan Lee, Supanova 2014, signature, Amazing Spider-Man, autograph

Guardian Cover by Dion Hamill

Featured artist Dion Hamill has recently completed the cover for Fablecroft publishing. Guardian is Jo Anderton’s amazing 3rd installment to her Vieled Worlds Series. Click on this link if interested to purchase a copy of this novel!

What was your original brief for the work?

FableCroft was looking for a cover image for the 3rd instalment to the saga. They generally wanted to keep with the same theme as the first two books. And my initial designs were very reflective of that look in composition and layout.

Dion Hamill, Fablecroft, Guardian, Cover, artwork, cover

How much of the novel did you get to read to get a “feel” for the character?

I haven’t read the whole book but the excerpt I was given to work with for the cover gave an insight to quite a unique character. I progressed with my planning and rethinking the elements of the synopsis plus novel excerpt I had received, I settled on a final composition which is very close to the final painting.

Dion Hamill, Fablecroft, Guardian, Cover, artwork, cover

A few initial rough sketches were sent to the client who filled me in on a few more details about the character. One big detail being that she had short cropped hair, whereas I had envisioned her with a full head of billowing hair.

Dion Hamill, Fablecroft, Guardian, Cover, artwork, cover

The composition looks great!
What materials did you use to complete the works?

Once I had the go ahead to complete the piece I used gouache on an illustration board. Plus a combination of coloured pencils for some finer details. The original painting is only 35 x 23 cm.

Thanks again for your time!
Wishing you all the best in your future endeavors!

Black Widow cover by Frank Kadar

Keeping up with the Captain America movie theme, another incredible cover by Frank Kadar. This time of the lovely Scarlett Johansson as the Black Widow. As much as I like Chris Evans, Scarlett really stole the movie!

 Scarlett Johansson, Captain America, Winter Soldier, Chris Evans

Captain America Cover – Chris Evans – Winter Soldier by Frank Kadar

Frank Kadar has listed this incredible Captain America cover (of Chris Evans from Captain America : Winter Soldier) on eBay. Click on the picture to be taken directly to the auction, remember to bid high and bid often!

Chris Evans, Captain America, trailer, spoiler, review, movie, comic book, Marvel

Check out more of Frank’s work on his FaceBook Page :

Onion Rings at Ribs & Burgers

I may have previously mentioned but one of my favourite foods is onion rings. Recently found a place that has incredible onion rings (Ribs & Burgers @ Neutral Bay). They are absolutely perfect served piping hot with some Thousand Island dressing (provided) and a nice cold drink!

Onion Rings, Ribs & Burgers, Sydney, Neutral Bay, crispy, food porn, photo

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