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Creating a graphic novel but stopping along the way to take some photos, eat some food and admire great art!

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Halloween Poison Ivy by Dean Juliette

In preparation for Halloween, featured artist Dean Juliette has put up for auction a very sexy Poison Ivy (dressed appropriately with the witch’s hat). It’s a great chance to own a piece of original art and the picture does not do justice to the detail that Dean puts into each of his works. (I should […]

Ultimate Spider-Man by Stuart Immonen

From a recent Supanova, I received this awesome Spider-Man sketch from Stuart Immonen. It’s a shame that his run on Ultimate Spider-Man only spanned issue 111 to 133. I personally liked his work better than Mark Bagley or David Lafuente (And they are both also great artists!).

Power Girl – Rogue – Cavewoman by Amorim

Featured artist Di Amorim has some great eBay Auctions currently on offer! If you like any of the below, click on the picture. Remember it’s difficult to find good original artwork. Of the three showcased in this post, the sexy X-Man Rogue has to be my favourite! Power Girl : Rogue : Cavewoman :

Akuma by Norman Wong – Terrance Belgrad

Freelance comic book colorist and digital painter Norman Wong is showcasing his amazing work on an Akuma over pencils by Terrence Belgrad. Completed Akuma Coloured : Colouring Process : Sketch by Terrence Belgard : What do you enjoy about being a colourist? As a Colourist, I really like painting digitally. I like to visually comparing […]

Slave Leia by Dean Juliette

Featured artist Dean Juliette has an amazing Slave Leia available through an eBay Auction. Slave Leia has to be one of the most recognisable forms of fan service. I wonder if George Lucas was thinking how can I get Carrie Fisher in a bikini for the last part of the Star Wars trilogy. There was […]

Aphrodite IX – Phoenix – Jean Grey – Witchblade by Dean Juliette

More amazing artwork from featured artist Dean Juliette and they are currently on sale on eBay. Click on the below sketches to be taken to the respective eBay auction or check out all his auctions. My favourite of the three sketches below would have to be the Aphrodite IX although the Phoenix and Witchblade are […]

Superman – Spider-Man – Batman – Wolverine by Geoffo

French artist Geoffo is the current featured artist (who was bitten by a radioactive pen when he was born). His showcase is an amazing mix of some of comics’ most recognisable characters (namely Superman, Spider-man, Batman and Wolverine). Splash Page : Superman Panel 1 : Superman Panel 2 : Completed Superman Panel : What type […]

Phoenix – Marvel Women Series

For some nostalgia, I have put up the various featured artists’ impression of Phoenix, one of Marvel’s iconic characters. Would love to hear your thoughts on which ones you liked! You can click on the heading to see the original post it appeared in. Phoenix – David Enciso Phoenix – Frank Kadar Phoenix – Pasquale […]

Rogue – Elektra – Psylocke – eBay – Dean Juliette

More artwork on sale from featured artist Dean Juliette. Check out his eBay Site to see all the artwork he is on offer. (You can also click on the sketches below to be taken to respective auction.) The Rogue sketch is easily my favourite, very sexy pose and detailed! Rogue (X-Men) : Elektra : Psyclocke […]

Phoenix – Darth Vader – Tygra by Rémi Dousset

After an amazing Galactus showcase by featured artist Rémi Dousset, I thought it would be great to showcase more of his works. All three below showcases are fantastic, I especially the Tygra (Thundercats have a certain nostalgia with me) bust. Darth Vader : Phoenix : Tygra (Thundercats) :