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Creating a graphic novel but stopping along the way to take some photos, eat some food and admire great art!

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Spider-Man Hobgoblin Artist Proof

A rare chance to pick up some original artwork by Frank Kadar. From Rittenhouse Archive’s set – Marvel Heroes & Villains, an artist proof featuring Spider-Man and the Hobgoblin! Click on either picture to be taken to the auction on eBay. If you like it, bid high and bid often! Front : Back :

Christmas Red Sonja – Mary Jane – Zatanna by Dean Juliette

Just in time for the holidays, Christmas themed artwork by Dean Juliette! Quite an assortment and they are all for sale! Click on the picture to be taken to the respective eBay auction. Red Sonja : Mary Jane : Zatanna : Supergirl :

Ultimate Spider-Man by Stuart Immonen

From a recent Supanova, I received this awesome Spider-Man sketch from Stuart Immonen. It’s a shame that his run on Ultimate Spider-Man only spanned issue 111 to 133. I personally liked his work better than Mark Bagley or David Lafuente (And they are both also great artists!).

Spider-man – City Lights by Dion Hamill

An amazing (pun intended) Spider-man by featured artist Dion Hamill. This resembles the works of Alex Ross. It’s not always easy getting the propotions right when foreshortening Spidey’s left hand and right leg but Dion definitely nails it! Make sure you check out his blog for more of his work. He’s also got some fantastic […]

Venom and Spider-Man by Guile Blackpanther

One last piece by this week’s featured artist, Guile. The details on this showcase is very dynamic and impressive, Venom ripping off Spider-Man’s webbing and his suit looking almost fluid. This has to be my new favourite work from Guile! Venom / Spider-Man showcase :

Puny Parker – Season 2 – Vitor Cafaggi

Vitor Cafaggi has completed his first season of Puny Parker ending on an amazing finale. You can check out more of Puny Parker on this site or at his blog. This was to not to be end, with Season 2 showcasing some amazing strips. Season 1 Finale – What plots do you have in plan […]

Boy Genius 01 by Jennifer Tanner

It’s been a while since the last Puny Parker post. The artist Vitor is still continuing the adventures here. However a while ago I did an interview with Jennifer Tanner about her strip Boy Genius. Thought I’d showcase another one of her strips! Puny Parker has been fantastic but I’d thought I’ll share the showcase […]

Puny Parker – Vitor Cafaggi – 24

Nice ending from last week’s Christmas strip. I think it’s a cute finish with Peter falling asleep waiting for Santa Claus.

Puny Parker – Vitor Cafaggi – 23

I know it’s not quite Christmas yet but I’m a little behind showcasing Puny Parker strip. Early Christmas wishes y’all!

Puny Parker – Vitor Cafaggi – 22

One of my favourite strips so far with Puny Parker not only getting back at Flash, cheering up his friend and getting the photo of the girl.