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Iron Man – Taciano – Magdalena – Di Amorim

More incredible auctions from Di Amorim. Click on the below artwork to be taken to the respective eBay auctions. There’s a lot of artwork currently on offer so be sure to check out what’s on sale! (Love the first piece of a praying Magdalena by Di Amorim!) Magdalena by Di Amorim : Iron Man by […]

Phoenix – Marvel Women Series

For some nostalgia, I have put up the various featured artists’ impression of Phoenix, one of Marvel’s iconic characters. Would love to hear your thoughts on which ones you liked! You can click on the heading to see the original post it appeared in. Phoenix – David Enciso Phoenix – Frank Kadar Phoenix – Pasquale […]

Powergirl – Goblin Queen – Phoenix Sketches by Di Amorim

Lady Death artist Di Amorim has more great original artwork on offer on eBay. (Check last post for some of the previous highlights.) Make sure you get your bids in or you might miss out on some amazing pieces, click on the picture below to link to the auction. Powergirl : Goblin Queen : Phoenix […]

DC Women Faces by Cedric Poulat

Previous featured artist Cedric Poulat is showcasing a study of the faces of the prominent women in the DC Universe, namely Donna Troy, Zatanna, Wonder Woman, Poison Ivy, Harley Quinn,Batwoman, Mary Marvel, Powergirl and of course Supergirl. Cedric also provided a fantastic explanation to the faces used for the characters below. I think this is […]

Christmas – Supergirl – She-Hulk – Powergirl – Mary Jane by Dean Juliette

Featured artist Dean Juliette has showcased some amazing Christmas Sketches. This post is a final showcase of his Christmas themed artwork. Death contemplating the silver bells is easily my favourite piece of the four although Dean’s stated that “the She-hulk . . it’s really a crazy one.” Powergirl and Supergirl : Death : She-Hulk : […]

Black Cat – Power Girl by Jon Riggle

Jon Riggle is an illustrator and photographer in the US (more specifically, Nebraska). Showcasing some incredible graphic novel art with an incredible computer coloured Black Cat (complete with furry boots) and a traditional Power Girl (could never understand her costume). Both are very different styles but amazing pieces! Black Cat : Power Girl : How […]

Supergirl by Michael Munshaw

A couple more Babe sketches by featured artist Michael Munshaw. Even a special Supergirl sketch just for this site! Powergirl : Supergirl :

Powergirl by Noelle Dreves

Noelle Dreves is a 22 year old freelance artist from Brisbane, Australia. Her Powergirl illustration captures the subject in a very dynamic pose in a difficult angle to draw. The final coloured picture helps to bring out the highlight in the hair and costume. Powergirl Preliminary Powergirl Final Although the artist was not entirely happy […]