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Creating a graphic novel but stopping along the way to take some photos, eat some food and admire great art!

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5 Seconds – 2 Weeks – Rogue and Gambit

There’s just under 2 weeks (13 days) left for the 5 SECONDS Kickstarter. We’re currently 80% of the way there at just over $3000! This sketch of Rogue and Gambit is being offered as one of the rewards (detailed sketch) from the artist P.R. Dedelis. P.R. has mentioned the Rogue and Gambit is his favourite […]

5 Seconds – Week One – Robin Hood Sketch

The first week for the 5 SECONDS Kickstarter is now over. We’re past the halfway (50%) funding mark and making our way to the target. A big thank you to those who have pledged and shared the link around. This would not be possible without all the support provided by everyone. All the support I […]

Slave Leia by Dean Juliette

Featured artist Dean Juliette has an amazing Slave Leia available through an eBay Auction. Slave Leia has to be one of the most recognisable forms of fan service. I wonder if George Lucas was thinking how can I get Carrie Fisher in a bikini for the last part of the Star Wars trilogy. There was […]

Cosplay – Harley Quinn – Poison Ivy – Storm Trooper – Sydney Armageddon

Thought I’d share some cosplay photos taken at Sydney Armageddon (Comic Convention). Unfortunately I had to use the Canon G11 and didn’t have the opportunity to use my standard camera Canon 40D (paired with 17-55 f2.8). However I saw some awesome costumes of some Batman villians and the cutest storm trooper! Harley Quinn – Poison […]

COSPLAY – Gogo Yubari – Kill Bill – Supanova

Last weekend was great as I had the opportunity to drop into Supanova, a yearly comic and pop culture convention where I live. The next few posts will showcase some photos and artwork I managed to collect with some spectacular stuff from Tim Sale (Dark Victory)! To start off . . . from Noelle’s Catwoman, […]

COSPLAY – Catwoman – Comic – Noelle Dreves

Interested in becoming a featured artist? Click for submissions There’s a reason why Noelle Dreves is known as the Brisbane Catwoman. This costume is more of the comic book inspired version. Love the goggles and the claws in this version. Be sure to check out her previous Catwoman (Batman Returns) COSPLAY.

COSPLAY – Catwoman – Noelle Dreves

After asking why she was known as the Brisbane Catwoman, previous featured artist Noelle Dreves provided this site with the below picture. It’s a very impressive costume with homage to Michelle Pfeiffer‘s look in Batman Returns. Be careful sharing the bench with this cat! For another cosplay photo of Noelle as Juno Eclipse from Force […]

Powergirl by Noelle Dreves

Noelle Dreves is a 22 year old freelance artist from Brisbane, Australia. Her Powergirl illustration captures the subject in a very dynamic pose in a difficult angle to draw. The final coloured picture helps to bring out the highlight in the hair and costume. Powergirl Preliminary Powergirl Final Although the artist was not entirely happy […]