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Creating a graphic novel but stopping along the way to take some photos, eat some food and admire great art!

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Cinderella Original Artwork by Chrissie Zullo

Featured artist Chrissie Zullo who does the covers for Fables : Cinderella has an amazing 11″ x 14″ piece of original artwork current on eBay. It’s of Cinderella in a very “James Bond” pose. Bid high and bid often for a chance to own this very rare collectible. Click on the picture to be taken […]

Darth Vader by Frank Kadar

This amazing Darth Vader piece by Frank Kadar is currently on auction on eBay. It’s a 11″ x 17″ inked piece on bristol vellum. Absolutely perfect for framing and displaying the most famous Sith! (As long as you remember Darth Vader from the original trilogy rather than the prequel.) Darth Vader :

Marvel Universe – Iron Spider-Man – Black Spider-Man

More amazing work from Frank Kadar for the 2011 Marvel Universe Card Set. The card set has 90 amazing cards with one hand drawn coloured sketch card per box! Frank (shadowchaser076 [at] yahoo.com) still has Artist Proofs for sale so email him if you are interested. Thought I’d showcase two amazing Spider-Mans. Was never a […]

World of Flashpoint – Original Artwork – Eduardo Francisco – Alex Lei

A rare opportunity to get some original artwork from World of Flashpoint pencilled by Eduardo Francisco and inked by Alex Lei. The original art pages measure 11″ x 17″ and showcase amazing artwork as well as recognisable characters like Flash, Batman and the original Justice League. Bid high and bid often! Click on the respective […]

Red Skull from Frank Kadar

More Artists Proofs from Frank Kadar. Frank has a selection of awesome one of a kind artwork currently on eBay. I especially like the Red Skull one, it’s very menancing and perfect timing for the upcoming Captain America movie. Red Skull :

Lady Death Di Amorim – Supergirl Walter Geovani

More auctions listed by featured artist Di Amorim. (Click on the image to be taken to the respective auction.) It’s great to showcase an auction by Walter Geovani who has previously pencilled Witchblade and Savage Tales. He’s currently working on a Red Sonja. Hopefully an interview with Walter will be coming soon. Love the Supergirl […]

Huntress by Di Amorim

A lovely Huntress piece of original art by featured artist Di Amorim. Currently on sale on eBay but that’s not too much time left if you want to get a bid in. Remember to bid high and bid often! I like how the shadow hides away some of Huntress’s form. Huntress :

Tigra by Di Amorim

A sexy Tigra piece of original art by featured artist Di Amorim. Currently on sale on eBay but that’s not too much time left if you want to get a bid in. Remember to bid high and bid often! Not sure what the fascination with women and cats are . . think Catwoman, Black Cat […]

Cyclops ACEO by Dion Hamill

Another painted ACEO from featured artist Dion Hamill, this time a painted ACEO of X-Men Scott Summers (Cyclops). As a character, he got more interesting after breaking up with Jean to be with Emma Frost but that’s just me. This piece is available on eBay (or click on picture below) so if you like it […]

Halloween Poison Ivy by Dean Juliette

In preparation for Halloween, featured artist Dean Juliette has put up for auction a very sexy Poison Ivy (dressed appropriately with the witch’s hat). It’s a great chance to own a piece of original art and the picture does not do justice to the detail that Dean puts into each of his works. (I should […]