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Creating a graphic novel but stopping along the way to take some photos, eat some food and admire great art!

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Cyclops ACEO by Dion Hamill

Another painted ACEO from featured artist Dion Hamill, this time a painted ACEO of X-Men Scott Summers (Cyclops). As a character, he got more interesting after breaking up with Jean to be with Emma Frost but that’s just me. This piece is available on eBay (or click on picture below) so if you like it […]

Aphrodite IX – Phoenix – Jean Grey – Witchblade by Dean Juliette

More amazing artwork from featured artist Dean Juliette and they are currently on sale on eBay. Click on the below sketches to be taken to the respective eBay auction or check out all his auctions. My favourite of the three sketches below would have to be the Aphrodite IX although the Phoenix and Witchblade are […]

March of Dimes – Death – Gotham Sirens by Frank Kadar

Featured artist Frank Kadar has donated 2 amazing pieces for the March of Dimes charity auction on eBay. (Similar to Troy Parke last year). Both artwork was done using a combination of Prismacolor markers, watercolors and color pencils. Click on the artwork to be taken to the auction. Remember to bid high and bid often. […]

Twilight – Bella Action Figure – WTF

Was doing some shopping over the weekend and I came across the Twilight action figure set. While most of the other characters had cool “special abilities” like super strength or super speed, I think poor Bella got ripped off. I doubt I would class being Accident Prone or Attracts Bad Luck as special abilities.