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Creating a graphic novel but stopping along the way to take some photos, eat some food and admire great art!

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Zombies versus Cheerleaders

Zombie vs Cheerleaders is anthology featuring stories by different creators every issue. It is currently on a bi-monthly schedule and can be ordered from April 2010 Previews (Diamond). I read through a preview copy and it was hilarious. Combine some teen angst, cute cheerleaders and oh . . a zombie invasion and it’s a very […]

Witchblade – Sara by Cedric Poulat

French artist Cedric Poulat (whose other interests include drawing, painting, comics, girls ,music,video games and horror movies) is showcasing an absolutely amazing Witchblade piece. Absolutely tremendous detail in this showcase, the final colours are absolutely sublime. Witchblade Showcase : Cedric has been awesome enough to show the breakdown of the piece and showing the details […]

Artwork of Jason Brubaker

Jason Brubaker is working his way through creating his first graphic novel (or comic). He’s provided a process piece as his showcase starting from a small thumbnail to the final image. The detail on his work is amazing and really shows up in the crop images (inked and coloured). Full Process : Inked Zoom : […]

The One by Pasquale Qualano

For Christmas, I managed to sneak in one of Pasquale’s artwork. Now I have the opportunity of posting up more, showcasing his works on The One. His preliminary sketch is brilliant, capturing the movement of the horse as the rider pulls back on the reins. The final colours are muted but excellent. Preliminary Sketch : […]

Dead Future No 1 by Grim Crew

Dead Future Issue #1 created by the Grim Crew debuted at Baltimore Comic Con October 10th-11th. Issue #2 to be officially released Nov 9. I was lucky enough to read a preview copy and it’s a fantastic anthology of zombie stories told with the most incredible artwork from using photo style to more traditional pencils. […]

Supernatural High by Jamie Tyndall

Featured artist Jamie Tyndall is able to combine sketches with some digital graphics to create the most impressive artwork. His sequential artwok on Supernatural High is a perfect showcase. Cover : Standard sketches with a pentagram in the background. It’s a wonderful fusion of different techniques. Interior : Some fantastic pencils. The details are incredible, […]

Wonder Woman by Jamie Tyndall

Back in September I showcased Bayonetta by Jame Tyndall for a Wizard competition. Jamie also did this incredible Rolling Stone with Wonder Woman as a feature. I don’t think why the song “Papa was a rolling stone” popped in my head but it’s not leaving. Arrgh! Final Cover : Sketch So where are you from? […]

Artwork of Yohann Schepacz (OYO!)

Yohann Schepacz (a.k.a. OYO!) is a freelancer in the entertainment and publishing industry for 4 years where he has worked as art director, concept artist and illustrator. His showcase piece covers original sketch to final completed piece. When you were growing up what did you want to do? I was born with a voice. My […]

Lady Death by Kirk Lindo

Previous featured artist Kirk Lindo has completed a Lady Death (created by Brian Pulido) piece. It’s the cover of an exclusive Baltimore Comic Con Lady Death: Dragon Wars #1 – Halloween Edition. If you’re at Baltimore Comic Con, remember to say “Hi” to Brian and pick up this comic! Speaking of Halloween, there’s going to […]

Spying with Lana by Sean Harrington

Previous featured artist Sean Harrington did an amazing step by step photoshop tutorial for this site. He’s released a new comic Spying with Lana : Year One which is definitely worth checking out. How did you come up with the idea for “Spying with Lana”? I first got the idea for Lana when my brother […]