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Creating a graphic novel but stopping along the way to take some photos, eat some food and admire great art!

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Drawing Tutorial by Keith Dotson

Keith Dotson was also kind of enough to show us the tools of his trade and walk through a quick tutorial of a concept to final piece. A) #102 Crowquill B) Mirado HB pencil C) Lead holder with a 2H D) .05 Mephisto HB E) 4h pencil F) Magic Rub eraser G) Kneaded eraser H) […]

Rogue by Keith Dotson

From previous featured artist Keith Dotson, another one of his works is Rogue (X-Men). This piece of original art is currently available on eBay (click here) so make a bid if you like his art! You can click on below picture to be taken to the auction page. Final :

Flare by Keith Dotson

Artist and musician Keith Dotson is showcasing an impressive Flare final and sketch. He’s done work for a variety of small-press companies including illustrating a feature in Scary Monsters Magazine (circulation around 10,000 at the time) and Femforce from AC Comics. More of his work can be seen in a set of sketch cards for […]

Bayonetta by Jamie Tyndall

Upcoming featured artist has done an amazing Bayonetta for a competition for Wizard and Sega. Check out the finished product and the sketch below. More of his work and interview will be posted up soon! If you do like his work, please vote for him : Scroll down to the bottom, select Jamie Tyndall […]

Batman by Franc Czuba

It doesn’t seem fair but this is one of Franc’s doodles on a napkin. I wish I could create art on the spur of the moment!

Catwoman by Franc Czuba

Franc Czuba is one of illustrators on Dusk (written by David Doub). He has a very fusion based style mixing Japanese manga with exaggerated anatomy and perspective with a cleaner American style rendering. Franc was kind of enough to create a Catwoman showcase including his sketches to demonstrate his work. Final : Preliminary sketch 01 […]

PLB Comics Presents 02

Yesterday’s post was a showcase of Issue 01. It’ll be worth checking out some of the great artwork that has carried forth into Issue 02. Copies are available from Cover of Issue 02 : (Variant) 2 Page Spread – Click to see full size :

PLB Comics Presents 01

PLB Comics Presents is anthology of various works from different comic artists showcasing their works. I had the opportunity to talk to one of the creators behind the series Josh Shockley to ask him how it all started. Cover for Issue 01 : Page 8 (Black and White) : Page 8 (Colour) : So how […]

Next Year for

What’s happening next year? Well . . . more of the same! There’s going to be more interviews and more showcase art pieces. More comic reviews as well. Also I will finally release some information of the graphic novel I’ve been working on. (Shhh . . it’s a secret project right now!) Anyway always on […]


It’s one year since the first post up went up where I discussed “the dream” and what I hoping this blog would be. A special birthday image from previous featured artist Eduardo Vieira. A birthday cupcake image from upcoming featured Violet. (Don’t worry Violet . . your post is still on my schedule!)