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Artbook of Geraldo Borges

One artist at the NYCC (New York Comic Convention) will be Geraldo Borges who has an amazing artbook for sale! Geraldo is the current penciller for Green Lantern Corps and was helped in design of other DC titles like Justice League and Wonder Woman. He’s been working with comics since 1997 and is also a […]

Supergirl and Wonder Woman by Michael Bridges

Previous featured artist Michael Bridges is showcasing an amazing Wonder Woman and Supergirl. Both pieces are available as prints from Michael’s website, click on the picture and follow the Paypal instructions if you want to pick up a print. Wonder Woman : Supergirl : What’s the first thing you do when starting a superhero painting? […]

Wonder Woman ACEO by Dion Hamill – eBay

Previous featured artist Dion Hamill has an amazing Wonder Woman ACEO currently on eBay. It’s a great opportunity to own a piece of Dion’s work. Click on the picture for your chance to bid on this work. Remember to bid high and bid often. (Make sure you check out the other auctions that are currently […]

Christmas – Zatanna – Wonder Woman – Witchblade by Dean Juliette

With 8 days till Christmas, more amazing Christmas artwork by Dean Juliette to add to his first Rogue showcase. The Wonder Woman piece is my favourite as its a very dynamic angle. Yet again in all three pieces, Dean does the most detailed backgrounds especially on the Christmas trees or the snow in the Witchblade […]

Halloween Wonder Woman by Frankie Washington

Previous featured artist Frankie Washington (artist for Marooned on Mogo) provided this amazing piece of artwork of Wonder Woman in Halloween dress inspired by the late Gil Elvgreen. Very Happy Halloween y’all. Don’t eat too much candy. Coloured image : Black and White image : Really like this image and the details. Especially Wonder Woman’s […]

Baroness by Jamie Tyndall

Featured artist Jamie Tyndall showcased an amazing Wonder Woman set against a Rolling Stone cover. As well as detailed sketches, his does some amazing colouring work. Definitely worth seeing more of his work including a G.I. Joe (or Cobra in this case) Destro and Baroness, along another Wonder Woman set against an Esquire magazine cover. […]

Wonder Woman by Jamie Tyndall

Back in September I showcased Bayonetta by Jame Tyndall for a Wizard competition. Jamie also did this incredible Rolling Stone with Wonder Woman as a feature. I don’t think why the song “Papa was a rolling stone” popped in my head but it’s not leaving. Arrgh! Final Cover : Sketch So where are you from? […]

Parcel in the mail – Troy Parke

I received a parcel in the mail today from previous featured artist Troy Parke as a thanks for putting up his interview and works. It was the original March of Dimes sketch of Emma Frost and some fantastic sketch cards. I’ll be getting it framed and placed on my wall when I get the chance. […]

Wonder Woman by Nicola Scott

Nicola Scott is one of the more prominent comic artists currently living in Sydney. She’s currently exclusive on DC having worked on Birds of Prey and Secret Six. I was lucky enough to meet her during her appearance at Free Comic Day May 2008 where she was nice enough to draw a Wonder Woman sketch […]

Wonderwoman by Troy Parke

Troy is an illustrator from the greater Seattle area (although he doesn’t drink espresso) who’s a self confessed Hello Kitty fan. With a fluid style his sketch work is one of the best I’ve seen with a very nice sense of movement. Besides Hello Kitty what do you do for fun? I am a judo […]