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Creating a graphic novel but stopping along the way to take some photos, eat some food and admire great art!

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Supergirl and Wonder Woman by Michael Bridges

Previous featured artist Michael Bridges is showcasing an amazing Wonder Woman and Supergirl. Both pieces are available as prints from Michael’s website, click on the picture and follow the Paypal instructions if you want to pick up a print. Wonder Woman : Supergirl : What’s the first thing you do when starting a superhero painting? […]

Elektra – Sale – Dean Juliette

A while ago I showcased an Elektra showcase (with original sketch) by featured artist Dean Juliette. A copy of this is now on sale at eBay for a reasonable price! Click on the above link or the picture for you chance to own this piece of original artwork.

Life Drawing by Jarrod

Jarrod a good friend of mine, has allowed me to post some of his life drawing work. His work is impressive to say the least. The shading and how certain parts of the face is illuminated and the shadows gives it real depth. I’m especially fond of his hand detail, it’s very difficult to draw […]

Drawing Course – Recap

A recap of the 8 week journey for my first life drawing course. The course taught a lot of different techniques and it was a lot of fun. I hope I have the opportunity put into practice some of things I have learnt. Prequel – Enrolment Prequel – Equipment Week 1 – Contour Week 2 […]

Drawing Course – Week 8

With Week 7 completed, this was the last week of the Life Drawing course. A next technique shown was cross contour which builds up the depth in the sketch, giving a three dimensional feel to it. This was my attempt with the focus on the face. I tried to illustrate the model’s high cheek bones. […]

Drawing Course – Week 7

With Week 6 finished, this week was the penultimate session for this course. Started again with various gesture drawings with the model using a bamboo stick as a prop. This is the first time the model used a prop. To capture it as part of the picture was an interesting experience. Especially in the next […]

Drawing Course – Week 6

Following on from Week 5, the class started with some gesture drawing. It’s an easy way to capture the sense of movement of the model. I hope to develop a gesture drawing into something more academic. It’s a good way to get started on getting a “sense” of the subject. During Week 6, we revisited […]

Drawing Course – Week 5

I couldn’t make it to Week 4 so Week 3 was my latest update. The class started with 15 sec then 30 sec and finally 1 minute gesture drawings. The combined poses on the one page gives it a life like quality. You have to concentrate to pick out the different poses. The next task […]

Drawing Course – Week 3

In Week 2, the class was given 15 seconds per gesture (nonsense) drawing. However as the first exercise in Week 3, the time was extended to 30 seconds then a minute per pose. This allowed the gesture drawings to be more fleshed out. Unlike in contour where the single line is important, in building up […]

Drawing Course – Week 2

Following on from Week 1, two different techniques were shown this week. The first technique was a gesture (or nonsense) sketch. It’s meant to be disassociative, where you start from the middle and build out, as opposed to contour where you start from the edges. This technique is meant to be able to capture a […]