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Creating a graphic novel but stopping along the way to take some photos, eat some food and admire great art!

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Drawing Course – Week 5

I couldn’t make it to Week 4 so Week 3 was my latest update. The class started with 15 sec then 30 sec and finally 1 minute gesture drawings. The combined poses on the one page gives it a life like quality. You have to concentrate to pick out the different poses.

The next task was trying to draw a moving model. My first attempt (not shown) didn’t really capture the movement. This was a much more difficult task than I initially imagined. I tried to flesh out at least one component which were the feet on the figure to the left.

The final task was a portrait and I don’t think I got the proportion quite right. The eyes were a bit too big. I need to keep stepping back and get an overall view of the picture. I think I’m putting too much focus on details.

Karl Mattas (life drawing instructor) has been fantastic through this process. A lot of new techniques to practice and hopefully improve on. Karl has agreed to an interview which I will post up on the completion of this course. Now onto Week 6!

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  1. Shui says:

    oooh! is the top group of drawings the movement one? cos that looked very flowy :P I dunno why but the portrait you drew reminds me of Frida Kahlo’s work… i like it!

    The first picture is various poses. It’s just kind of jumbled up in the same page. The movement one is the second one. Haha . . glad you liked the portrait . . I think it could be a lot better though.

  2. Timo Uotila says:

    It’s not easy to capture movement and proportions. But it’s worth trying.
    If that’s Karl Mattas, it’s not exactly the same KM I know. But a very interesting guy indeed.
    Best regards, Timo Uotila, Helsinki, Finland

    Yep trying to capture movement was a very difficult exercise.
    This is Karl’s website for more information on Karl:

    Thanks for visiting the site and I hope you return for Week 6!

  3. John Parsons says:

    I have done a number of Karl’s courses and I keep coming back for more. It is great to have learnt that everyone can draw just let go of preconceptions and let it happen. I am enjoying your journey.

    Thanks for visiting the site! This is actually my first art course (excluding high school) and it’s a great experience. Karl has been absolutely fantastic. I hope you have the time to check out the earlier posts as well.

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