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Creating a graphic novel but stopping along the way to take some photos, eat some food and admire great art!

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Drawing Course – Week 3

In Week 2, the class was given 15 seconds per gesture (nonsense) drawing. However as the first exercise in Week 3, the time was extended to 30 seconds then a minute per pose. This allowed the gesture drawings to be more fleshed out. Unlike in contour where the single line is important, in building up a gesture it is the combination of the lines that give the drawing weight and movement.

The below gestures drawings show a greater build up of the model in various poses.

A new technique learnt today was light and shadows. The drawing was built up with by lifting off the charcoal to produce “light” and darkening the charcoal to produce “shadows“. The separation of the light and shadow creates the lines rather than using contours. I found this technique a little difficult although I could grasp the concept. I was working a little slower than I would have liked and didn’t get to finish it in the timeframe. My first attempt at building up the shoulder and the model’s left breast.

Had a little more time with the following attempt to try and build up the face. It’s interesting observing how the light catches someone’s face. If I had more time I would have really loved to have completed some of the neck and shoulders to give the head some proportion. Also, I think completing the eyes would have really given the face some depth.

Unfortunately I won’t be able to make Week 4 so there won’t be a drawing update next week. This is easily one of the most engaging courses I have done. It’s been great to approach life drawing from different perspectives. Looking forward to Week 5!

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  1. Shui says:

    Oooh! Those shadow pics don’t look easy to do. I really like the 1st gesture pic – is it all one line? Cos it looks like you didn’t lift the pencil up once!

    For these gestures I tried to do it without lifting the pencil from the page. Glad you liked the gesture drawings. Really wish I had more time to “flesh” out those shadow drawings.

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