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Creating a graphic novel but stopping along the way to take some photos, eat some food and admire great art!

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Twilight – Bella Action Figure – WTF

Was doing some shopping over the weekend and I came across the Twilight action figure set. While most of the other characters had cool “special abilities” like super strength or super speed, I think poor Bella got ripped off. I doubt I would class being Accident Prone or Attracts Bad Luck as special abilities.

Summer Glau – Big Bang Theory – Supanova

Someone went to Supanova (Sydney pop culture expo) and got me this amazing signed photo from Summer Glau (Terminator – Sarah Connor Chronicles). Need to get this framed and find a place for it on my wall! As much as I loved Summer in Terminator, her cameo as herself on The Big Bang Theory was […]

Supernatural – Swan Song – Season 5 Finale

The season finale of Supernatural plays more like a series finale (although there is a little tidbit at the end for Season 6). Season 6 will see Eric Kripke depart as the showrunner. The original plan was for the series to end with this episode but due to increased ratings, one more season was greenlighted. […]

Iron Man 2 – Robert Downey Jnr – Release Date

A gentle reminder that tomorrow (30-Apr-10) is the last day for Kirk Lindo Competition. Get your entry in! It’s finally out here in Australia! Iron Man 2 released 28 April 2010 (UK release 30 April 2010 and US/Canada on the 7 May 2010). With Robert Downey Jnr reprising his role as Tony Stark, it’s been […]

Batman – Under the Red Hood – DVD – Jensen Ackles – Supernatural

Batman – Under the Red Hood Trailer : Coming out 27 July 2010, I’m eagerly anticipating the release of this one! DC has done a great job on these DVDs (loved the last Green Lantern one)! If the storyline follows the comics, I already know the identity of the Red Hood but it’ll be great […]

Elmo on Google Homepage

A few days ago Cookie Monster was on the Google homepage, today it’s Elmo! For a little bit of trivia, Elmo appeared as Elmo on 18 November 1985. “Elmo happy to appear on Google homepage!” As much as I love Elmo, Cookie Monster will always be my favourite of the Sesame Street characters. However Elmo […]

Cookie Monster on Google Homepage

Why is Cookie Monster on the Google homepage today? According to gizmodo, today is the 40th anniversary of Sesame Street. That doesn’t quite explain it though. Back in 1982 (16 years before, Cookie Monster sang the Google song. Don’t believe me? The proof is in the below video! To quote Kermit the frog : […]

NEW TV Season – Big Bang Theory – Supernatural

It’s going to be a short post but . . . It’s back! New TV Season! Doesn’t seem that long ago when I last mentioned New TV Season but it’s definitely the return of old favs like Heroes, Supernatural and Big Bang Theory. So much to watch and much too little time. *happy sigh*

Pomegranate Frogurt

A previous post discussed the various kind of milkshake flavours. Now in the world of frogurt (frozen yogurt) there’s pomegranate yogurt. A fresh but rather delicious taste.

Angels and Demons – Movie Review

Angels and Demons is the second movie from Dan Brown (famous of Da Vinci Code). It’s an exciting thriller that has learnt a lot of lessons from the first movie. It’s actually better scripted than the books and removes a lot of inconsistencies. The direction is much improved and keeps you on the edge of […]