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NEW TV Season – Big Bang Theory – Supernatural

It’s going to be a short post but . . .
It’s back!
New TV Season!

Doesn’t seem that long ago when I last mentioned New TV Season but it’s definitely the return of old favs like Heroes, Supernatural and Big Bang Theory. So much to watch and much too little time. *happy sigh*

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  1. Violet says:

    Yay Supernatural! I hope this season doesn’t suck like the last one did, I know it’s shallow but I miss the days when the plot was simple and they just chased a different type of demon every week ^_^
    Btw in case you didn’t see it, the results are out:
    No luck for either of us, though I’m thinking of entering the Pringles comp to try and get some tickets. Also to continue the conversation on my blog I was just wondering, who do you get your hosting through? I’m starting to shop around!

    • SIGMATE says:

      Yup! Love the Monster of the weeks episode. I’ll email you the details for my hosting, it’s cheaper to host in the US but I chose an Australian hosting company so I can call up locally if there’s any issues.

  2. […] season finale of Supernatural plays more like a series finale (although there is a little tidbit at the end for Season 6). Season […]

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