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Captain America by Frank Kadar

More covers by featured artist Frank Kadar and perfect timing for the latest Marvel release of Captain America – The First Avenger. Both the below covers are on eBay, so bid high and bid often if interested. The background details for each piece is amazing, especially love the Hydra logo on the back of the […]

Scorpion Night by Ever Villacruz

With the third installment of the Transformers Movie out soon, it would be great to showcase a sculpture by Ever Villacruz (Everlito L. Villacruz) which was inspired by one of the Decepticons in the second movie. Ever is an architect born in Philippines but currently working in Kuwait. This is a “junk sculpture” titled Scorpion […]

iPhone Hellboy Wallpaper by Chris Staggs

As a follow up to previous post with Chris, I thought it’d be cool to put his Hellboy showcase as a iPhone lock screen wallpaper. Enjoy!

Green Lantern Ryan Renolds by Michael Bridges

Michael Bridges (who previously painted an amazing Heath Ledger Joker) has painted an amazing Green Lantern based on the costume in the upcoming DC movie with Ryan Renolds. This piece is currently on sale at eBay so be sure to make an offer on this rare opportunity. Green Lantern Painting :

Iron Man 2 – Robert Downey Jnr – Release Date

A gentle reminder that tomorrow (30-Apr-10) is the last day for Kirk Lindo Competition. Get your entry in! It’s finally out here in Australia! Iron Man 2 released 28 April 2010 (UK release 30 April 2010 and US/Canada on the 7 May 2010). With Robert Downey Jnr reprising his role as Tony Stark, it’s been […]