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Creating a graphic novel but stopping along the way to take some photos, eat some food and admire great art!

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Galactus by Rémi Dousset

41 year old French Rémi Dousset has provided a step by step Galactus showcase. I’ve featured Iron Man Sketch Cards 1 and Iron Man Sketch Cards 2 previously on this site. He currently works as a designer (characters, props, screen design) in the animation field from series like Totally Spies, Martin Mystery to Inspector Gadget […]

Zombie X-Men Nightcrawler and Beast by Gary Baldwin

26 year old Gary Badwin from Valley of Wales, United Kingdom is sharing some of his artwork. This showcased is based on the Zombie versions of 2 famous X-Men, Beast and Nightcrawler. Although it’s a little gruesome, it’s still some very cool artwork. Zombie Beast Inked : Zombie Beast Coloured : Zombie Nightcrawler Inked : […]

Maid, Mike Crichlow, Tennis and Spam

A mixed bag of a post with a new drawing by featured artist Mike Crichlow. I think it’s a very cool piece, especially love the expression on her face! I haven’t been posting up as much as I would have liked with a lot of my time taken up with the Australian Open. The finals […]

Megan Fox by Alain Norte

More amazing work from featured artist Alain Norte. Some sketch cards of the ever popular and sexy Megan Fox (Transformers). This isn’t the first time Megan has appeared on this site, Frank Kadar did his version too. Would be interested to see your comments on which one you preferred.

Tim Sale – Supanova – Apperance – Autograph

After dodging the clutches of Gogo, I was fortunate enough to meet superstar artist Tim Sale. Tim’s most recognised works are of Isaac Mendez’s paintings in the TV Series Heroes. Managed to get a couple of graphic novels signed including Batman – Dark Victory, Batman – Long Hallowen and Heroes Vol 1 & 2. He […]