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He’s Just Not That Into You . . .

In the spirit of the movie, I will try and explain the role of games and competition to men. A friend recently approached me and couldn’t understand the actions of her husband.

Scenario :
Her husband had stayed up all night to beat a high score set by her on a tennis game (Nintendo Wii). He was sleep deprived and sullen the next day but after hours of late night effort had his name at the top of the leaderboard. She just couldn’t understand why he would do it?

Is it just a game?
The phrase “It’s just a game” is not quite correct. Unfortunately most men want to win and take it from a fun activity to do or die. This is relevant as it applies to everything from backyard cricket to computer games to eating challenges. Similarly this attitude also applies to any adopted sporting teams. Most men understand that they are not playing (or even know the players personally) but it’s their team and as such they feel the ecstasy of a win and the disappointment of defeat.

Hopefully this clears up a misconception . .
For women let the man in your life have their games. Also try and soothe the disappointment when their team loses because it can be that important.

He’s Just Not That Into You
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  1. Fox Murdoch says:

    Men play games because it’s competition. Thousands of years ago it was fights, these days it’s games or sports. It’s just a new way of fixing an old problem, how to alleviate boredom while establishing dominance.

    Mind you this is just one mindset for men, I personally don’t care about highest score on Tetris, just that I get a tetris itself (you know, the four lines at once).

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