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Creating a graphic novel but stopping along the way to take some photos, eat some food and admire great art!

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FX Lost Land by Uko Smith

In the last post, I showcased a sneak peek into the artwork of Uko Smith. Over the years, Uko has done freelancing work for a multitude of companies including White Wolf, Green Ronin, Lucasfilm, Topps, Hasbro, DC and Marvel Comics providing cover work and concept designs. FX Trade Cover : Prelim : Pencil : Inked […]

Catwoman by Uko Smith

Sneak peek into some artwork by Uko Smith! 2 very sexy sketches from the Bat-family. This site will be featuring an interview (and more artwork!) with the artist in the next post so be sure to check back here. Also check out his website and blog for more works. Catwoman : Huntress :

Huntress by Di Amorim

A lovely Huntress piece of original art by featured artist Di Amorim. Currently on sale on eBay but that’s not too much time left if you want to get a bid in. Remember to bid high and bid often! I like how the shadow hides away some of Huntress’s form. Huntress :

Huntress – Mary Jane by Di Amorim

More artwork from Di Amorim currently on auction. Click on the picture to be taken to the respective auction. Bid high and bid often if you like ’em. (Check out his other eBay Auctions.) Of the 2 below, I love the Huntress piece, it’s nice to see her wearing her hair up! Huntress by Di […]

Elektra – Zatanna – Rogue – Huntress – Marvel DC Women by James Nguyen

It’s been a while since I last caught up with featured artist James Nguyen. He was nice enough to allow me to showcase a couple of his pin-ups of some hot women from both Marvel and DC. I definitely like the Elektra pose best, although Zatanna (in terms of look) is my favourite DC character. […]

Huntress by Nicola Scott

Was doing a little bit of a clean and found this will tidying up my commissions folder (Collection is growing!). I posted a Wonder Woman by Nicola Scott a while back but this time it’s Huntress from the Bat family!