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Fantastic Four Sketchcards – Frankie Washington – FF 02 – Epting – Hickman

Some of the Marvel Beginning sketch cards by Frankie Washington are currently on sale. This is a unique opportunity to pick some amazing pieces of original artwork. Remind to bid high and bid often if you like ’em! Click on the respective card to be taken directly to the eBay auctions. (More sketch card auctions […]

Marvel Beginnings Sketch Cards – Frankie Washington – Sneak Peek

Featured artist Frankie B Washington has allowed me to showcase his sketch cards for the upcoming Marvel Beginnings card set. Artists sketch cards are randomly inserted 1:72 packs! More sketch cards will be show in the next few days but thought I’d show a “sneak peek” of things to come! I’ve been reading JMS run […]

Route des Maison Rouge – Cover by Pasquale Qualano

Coming out in March, Route des Maison Rouge (published by GG Studios) with cover by featured artist Pasquale Qualano and coloured by Alessia Nocera. (Both recently collaborated on a Fanstastic Four piece. Love his pencil work and the colouring adds depth to the cover! Sketch : Full coloured Cover : On other news, thought I’d […]

Fantastic Four by Pasquale Qualano, Lorenzo Ruggiero, Alessia Nocera

An incredible Fantastic Four litography by : Pencils by Pasquale Qualano Inked by Lorenzo Ruggiero Coloured by Alessia Nocera I prefer the Fantastic Four with Ben Grimm (‘ole Blue Eyes) rather than She Hulk. An extremely dynamic piece, it has a real sense of movement. Amazing pencils and inks and absolutely love the colouring on […]

Thing by Frank Kadar

Frank Kadar has done some amazing covers on Marvel Projects including White Queen and Poison Ivy. Had a quick chat with Frank and Thing (Fantastic Four) will be the last one he’ll be selling for a while on eBay. Last chance! Thing – eBay Auction :