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Creating a graphic novel but stopping along the way to take some photos, eat some food and admire great art!

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Drawing Tutorial by Keith Dotson

Keith Dotson was also kind of enough to show us the tools of his trade and walk through a quick tutorial of a concept to final piece.

A) #102 Crowquill
B) Mirado HB pencil
C) Lead holder with a 2H
D) .05 Mephisto HB
E) 4h pencil
F) Magic Rub eraser
G) Kneaded eraser
H) Micron Pigma disposable tech pens 01, 05 & 08
I) Stick eraser
J) .07 HB pencil
K) Windsor & Newton series 7 sable brush #2
L) flat head brush – 1/4 inch I think

So what do you use and when?

I do thumbs with the .07 or the 2h lead holder (I have several of these and use an H lead as well.) I rough out a sketch or a page with the 4H then finish the pencils with the HB or the 2H. When inking I usually ink sketches with the Pigmas and a brush. For sequential pages I do most things with a brush. I’ve been trying to learn to use the crowquill better but I’m still not very good with it. The big brush is for knocking out large areas of black. Much better than using a Sharpie.

What’s the character you’re showcasing?

The character is an original character of the client that he’s had drawn by several artists so I had reference. He wanted a fun design so I didn’t have to go overboard with the realism on the drum kit.

Thumb Nail :

Thumb Nail (Variations) :

Selected Thumbnail :

Inks :

Coloured :

2 Responses to “Drawing Tutorial by Keith Dotson”

  1. RachG says:

    Thank you for sharing the tips on inking.

    I often have to ink large areas of black on my boards, but can’t seem to avoid the streaks from the pens. This helps heaps. Should have used a brush all along!


  2. mysketch says:

    I always make a sketch with 2B pencil, and then to finished of my drawings colored, with colored pencil or watercolor

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