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Creating a graphic novel but stopping along the way to take some photos, eat some food and admire great art!

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Artwork of Paul Summerfield

Australian Paul Summerfield has some of the more amazing and imaginative artwork. He was kind enough to spare the time to answer some questions. More artwork has been showcased at the end of this post.

Fishing for Dreams
40 x 40 cm, Limited edition 15
Fishing for Dreams, Jam Maker, Night Falling, Paul Summerfield, Digital artwork

Thanks again from your time!
So where you always interested in art?

From an early age I had a thriving imagination and was a very dreamy kid. After completing high school and a few tafe art courses, I set off for the big smoke (Canberra) to study 3d Animation.

So how was Canberra like?

Canberra (Australia’s Capital) was and still is a very nurturing place and kicked started a career in digital arts that has spanned the last 10 years. Here in Canberra I’ve found arts patrons and fans who have supported my art making and this in turn has allowed me to keep doing what I’m passionate about and contributes to my motivation to create new works, evolve and experiment with new styles and media.

After meeting my partner in a life drawing class, we had many adventures together in Australia and overseas. In 2011 our baby daughter was born and our lives have been turned upside down in so many amazing and wonderful ways.

Congratulations! There’s nothing like a baby girl to change your perspective on everything. Just watch out when she turns 16! How would you be describe your works?

I’ve always been fascinated by imaginative worlds, so being an artist and a commercial artist has always been a dream. So I’d say by dreaming, experimenting, traveling, failing, succeeding and evolving images to tell a story though image making is what I strive for.

Your artwork is amazingly complex!
What is your process to build up your works?

I first started using computers to make pictures on my parent’s macplus in the early 90s. Using macpaint and a clunky one button mouse I used to draw all sorts of things. The immediacy of drawing on the screen and then being able to manipulate it instantly and change it really got me hooked.

I dabbled through my childhood and teenage years. In 2001 I started getting into digital art in a big way and started developing my skills in Photoshop and other software. Its been a wild ride since then. Developing a unique digital painting style that looks very much like gauche once printed.

From my first exhibition I decided to make my work very limited yet affordable and strived for quality printing and framing. I’ve been apart of many group shows in Australian, overseas and had three very successful solo exhibitions here in Canberra. A recent career highlight was being apart of the The Canberra Enlighten Festival and having my work projected onto iconic Canberra buildings including The National Library, Old Parliament House, The Portrait Gallery and Questacon. After seeing works projected multiple stories high, it made me really hungry to do larger works. I’m striving towards a really large scale work, once I can figure out the logistics!

Is this still the process you use or have you developed new techniques?

These days I’m using tech that gives me freedom like never before. A large Wacom Cintiq tablet allows me to work more directly with the artwork and working with 10gb Photoshop files is a breeze. Gone are the days of constantly flattening works so I could save it without the computer crashing. More importantly tech is affordable and accessible like never before. So it’s a very exciting time to be a digital artist.

In the years to come I am looking forward to having a powerful mobile setup that will open up many exciting opportunities.

I think its fantastic that technology has developed to a state where it’s possible to create when we can imagine in our heads. I’m also thinking of the movie effects in this day and age when “almost” everything is possible!

You mentioned you had a done several artshows.
When was your first solo exhibition?

My first solo exhibition in 2008, I’ve had a big solo show every second year. But I feel like I’m at stage now where I want to have a big solo exhibition every year!

Actually I want to have big exhibitions in other cities like Melbourne, perth, Sydney and Brisbane. So if galleries are interested in taking my work on . .

Is there a piece of artwork you feel attached to?
A favourite?

A recent commission project I’ve started called House Portraits has given me a unique opportunity to work closely with people to create a work that combines both of our imaginations.

The process involves meeting with people in their house/dwelling. We talk about their house/dwelling, their interests, where the picture will go and what they imagine the work could look like. We brainstorm. From this initial meeting I come up with a concept sketch and we nut out the finer details.

House Potrait
Bigg-wither house portrait, 90 x 120 cm, Limited edition 5
Fishing for Dreams, Jam Maker, Night Falling, Paul Summerfield, Digital artwork

I’m planning to exhibit all the works in 2016 and the show will present an interesting snapshot into many peoples lives.

Is there any future developments which you find exciting?
Being a digital artist, is there any technology you are looking forward to?

The ever moving bullet train of tech development….when do you board the train… Its a tricky question, because as an digital artist its great to have new tech to work on, because you can do even more then you could before and experiment.

But on the same note, you need to get stuck into work and create works with that you have got. Limitations can be a good thing sometimes. So though I crave the latest and greatest, I make do.

I try and upgrade every 3 years or so, but to be honest I’m still using an old 2008 macbook with dents, scratches and pieces broken off, it just keeps chugging along. I also have a killer pc box in the studio and I am in awe with it. It’s a bit of dream machine really, 32gig ram, super fast SSD drives, decent video card and what not. Its really amazing, but already there is far better gear out there. But it does exactly what I want to do for now.

Going back to the house portraits which are awesome.
Can interested people email you?

Yes, anyone interested in a unique one of a kind commission, please visit my website and we can talk further. I want this project to capture dwellings and peoples life’s across Australia and even internationally if possible.

That’s a fantastic concept!
Hopefully you’ll get more enquiries to kick this project off.

Thanks for your time and all the best in your future endeavours.

Be sure to check out his exhibition (details below) also his website Age of Wonder. The new artwork will aslo be showcased on the site on 01-Nov-13.

New Works – Paul Summerfield

30th October – 18th November 2013
The Front Gallery, Lyneham, Canberra, Australia

Official opening 31st October, 6pm
Poetry performance by Andrew Galan and music by duo Dollface.

The Jam Makers
120 x 68 cm, Limited edition 15
Fishing for Dreams, Jam Maker, Night Falling, Paul Summerfield, Digital artwork

The fire below
66 x 35 cm, Limited edition 15
Fishing for Dreams, Jam Maker, Night Falling, Paul Summerfield, Digital artwork

The Secret Stratification
60 x 40 cm, Limited edition 15
Fishing for Dreams, Jam Maker, Night Falling, Paul Summerfield, Digital artwork

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