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Creating a graphic novel but stopping along the way to take some photos, eat some food and admire great art!

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Hulk Competition

Previous featured artist Lee Sargent was nice enough to offer “Hulk in the rain” as a competition prize. Own a piece of original art done with copic markers!

How do you win?

Simple! Leave a comment on this post with what do you think the Hulk is thinking right now.

Hulk in the rain :

More Details :

  1. Competition closes 24-Oct-09.
  2. Decision on the winner will be final. Quirky, funny thoughts are always welcome.
  3. I will contact winner by email from comment.
  4. Open to anyone in the world!
  5. Please visit Lee’s page http://www.quityourdayjob.com.au and say “Thanks!”
  6. One entry per person.

Update 10-Nov-09 :
Competition is now closed. And the Winner . . .

42 Responses to “Hulk Competition”

  1. “Hulk hope that hulk don’t have to wear stupid mouse ears.”

  2. Fox Murdoch says:

    I know I risk making the most cliched entry but here goes. *ahem*.

    “…Hulk splash.”

  3. “Hulk should not have smashed umbrella.”

  4. Andrew says:

    “Hulk mad bus drove past me! Hulk need umbrella. Now need walk home, this makes Hulk ANGRY!”

  5. Mikey says:

    “Hulk want go home. Hulk want marshmallows in hot chocolate. Hulk want Snuggie!”

  6. Chant says:

    Hulk lack depth.

  7. Sebastian says:

    “Don’t make Hulk soggy. You won’t like Hulk when Hulk’s soggy.”

  8. “In rain no one see Hulk cry.”

  9. Jeff says:

    “Hulk only pawn in game of life”

  10. Jared says:

    I can’t top Fox’s.

  11. Hunter Peterson says:

    “Big boys don’t cry… but sometimes big boys *do* cry. :(“

  12. Emlyn Breese says:

    “All those moments will be lost in time, like tears in the rain”

  13. Violet says:

    “Did Hulk leave oven on?”

  14. Jon says:

    This image is great! This may be a bit too deep or off the wall, but here I go.

    At this moment in life Hulk finally realise the true insignificance of life in the perspective of the universe. The rain on his body brings him to think “Hulk only a speck in the universe…!” Hulk did not like the idea of being a speck, it made him _____ and proceeded to… _____ (fill in your own answers).

  15. Hulk wet. Hulk Cold. Hulk wish ‘Big n Tall’ had ANYTHING in Hulk’s size.

  16. Mistress B says:

    It’s not easy being green……..

  17. “No, Hulk no sing in the rain”

  18. Ross says:

    Hulk misunderstand what “fluffer” means. Hulk thought Hulk was getting cookie.

  19. Ms FeetUp says:

    Can’t you see that I am wet? If it was snot you wouldn’t be able to see it!

  20. Wendy Olsen says:

    I was hoping my colour would run……….

  21. First Hulk smash! Then Hulk get copy of Finnegan’s Wake for birthday! Now Hulk plumb smithee of Hulk’s soul and contemplate the undiscovered conscience of Hulk’s being while considering life outside of Dublin!

  22. weng sun cheong says:

    hulk is thinking that he shoulda listened to misses hulk and wore a jumper.

  23. Dianne says:

    Hulk is looking through the resturant window and thinks to himself “should I continue to save people or should I go in and eat?”

  24. Matt Watkins says:

    Hulk wish he could fit in cab!

  25. Matt Watkins says:

    Hulk smash Aquaman!

    • SIGMATE says:

      Great entries Matt!
      I should have made it clear one entry per person though. I’ll accept both your entries though and have updated the original post.

  26. Rx drone says:

    “Hulk smash rain”

  27. Chris Schmitt says:

    Hulk never thought red paint would wash off.

  28. spidey-dude says:

    “Hulk wish Hulk had not dropped soap”

  29. Ross says:

    Hulk thought “money-shot” meant Hulk won prize. Hulk guess Hulk have to keep day job…..and never speak of this again.

  30. Jay Katz says:

    “I just wish ‘Storm’ would understand that Skaar isn’t her’s…”

  31. Retsuya says:

    Hulk leave laundry out, Hulk angry.

  32. Paul says:

    well……why does hunk need to sound like he has a brain the size of a pebble!

    i bet he said “Awww, The fucken Rain… Why does everyone always make me out to be a big outh, iv got brains, but i left my umbrella at home again!!”

  33. […] winner to the Hulk in the Rain competition as chosen by the artist Lee Sargent . . […]

  34. Matt says:

    Dammit, i forgot my umbrella again!…HULK SPLASH!

    • SIGMATE says:

      Thanks for the entry but competition is closed and the winner decided. There’s another competition coming soon though so keep watching this site!

  35. […] winner of the Hulk in the Rain (kindly provided by Lee Sargent) competition sent through a photo which I thought would be awesome […]

  36. […] the success of the previous Hulk competition, featured artist Kirk Lindo is giving the opportunity to win […]

  37. […] legal he would have married you. Next on the agenda is a competition being run by my good friend Sigmate over at his Studio. Basically he has ca picture of the Hulk standing in the rain looking miserable by Lee Sargent up […]

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