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Creating a graphic novel but stopping along the way to take some photos, eat some food and admire great art!

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TANGO 8 – Script

I had hoped to find a collaborator to do the artwork so I wrote a panel by panel breakdown. Unfortunately I couldn’t find someone to complete the works so I ended up with the pencils. I’ll show the artwork in an upcoming post. What’s in a Sauce? Panel 1 – Long panel. Woman (short spiky […]

TANGO 8 – Plot Ideas

The submission was only going to be 1 – 4 pages which meant the story had to be very quick and to the point. More like a comic strip rather than a standard 22 page story. Had a couple of ideas come up but I came down to below three to fit the theme of […]

TANGO 8 – Food & Love

What am I working on? I’ve completed a submission for a romance comic anthology called TANGO 8. It’s a one page story and I will be posting up the full design process over the next week (including sketches and script). Information The anthology is called TANGO and this particular issue is based around love and […]

Transcend 32G USB Stick

OK . . this was a little guilty pleasure but picked up a Transcend 32Gb USB Stick. Mmm . . so much storage! There’s more space in there than on my laptop (albeit my laptop is 2 years old now). That should be more than enough room in the stick for a long time!

Brain Freeze – Preliminary

Tim Hilderbrandt (1939 – 2006) worked with his brother Greg on some of the most impressive artwork covering Star Wars to Lord of the Rings to comics to Magic the Gathering artwork. I was lucky enough a few years ago to purchase the original preliminary sketch of the MtG card Brain Freeze. I love the […]

Notre Dame Gargoyle – Photo

Was thinking it would be nice to start the first day of Spring (here in Australia) with a photo. This is a photo of one of the gargoyles perched onto Notre Dame in Paris. I took this shot earlier this year when I was travelling around France. The foreground is in sharp focus while the […]