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Saturn and Orion – Kickstarter

Link to Saturn and Orion Kickstarter

Saturn and Orion is currently on Kickstarter with just over 20 days to go. The project is from the creative minds of Jay Huwer (script) and Ben Ferrari (artwork). Saturn and her adoptive father, Orion protect their city. A kidnapping prompts the heroes in a race against time to not only save the victim but potentially the city. I had the opportunity to get an insight into this work with some time with writer Jay Huwer.

Saturn and Orion Cover by Luis Rivera :
Saturn and Orion, Kickstarter, Ferrari, Jim O'Riley, Ken Lateer, Jay Huwer

Thanks for your time and good luck with your Kickstarter. What was the inspiration for Saturn and Orion?

Saturn and Orion was a collaboration between Ben and myself. Ben asked me if I would be interested in developing a Daredevil/Batman style character because he was interested in drawing a book that was dark in tone with rooftop ninja action. This happens to be the style I prefer to work in. I jumped all over it and began writing character biographies. Within a very short amount of time, Ben started doing some concept sketches and Saturn was born.

Pin up by Jim O’Riley :
Saturn and Orion, Kickstarter, Ferrari, Jim O'Riley, Ken Lateer, Jay Huwer

Is this a stand alone work or do you have plans for the future?


I’m definitely interested to hear more!

Saturn and Orion is a stand alone book in a sense. It was written with a definitive ending but there are elements laid into the plot that hints toward a bigger future.

What happens if Book One is successfully funded?

If book one is a success, we will continue with Saturn and Orion Book Two. The twists and turns in the first issue should satisfy the reader, while simultaneously creating a sense of wonder. The events of the first issue will definitely impact Saturn in every one of her future appearances in various Pilot Studio books from book two to the upcoming Zion Wars. Zion Wars is a Pilot Studios crossover book where Saturn is prominently featured. This will most likely be the first time readers get to see how she handles the twists that occur in Saturn and Orion Book One.

Sample Interior 1 :
Saturn and Orion, Kickstarter, Ferrari, Jim O'Riley, Ken Lateer, Jay Huwer

Sample Interior 2 :
Saturn and Orion, Kickstarter, Ferrari, Jim O'Riley, Ken Lateer, Jay Huwer

And lastly, what do you think gives Saturn and Orion a unique appeal?

Saturn and Orion Book One takes a look at our society through the lens of a super hero. Saturn is a technological genius who has become over dependent on her gadgets. This dependence on technology has become a major issue in our society. As we become more focused on our advancements, we forget about our roots. That’s where Zodiac, the book’s antagonist, comes into play. He needs to honor the gods of old; the gods from our mythology. If he fails, these gods will wreak havoc on mankind. Anyone who reads myths knows what they can do. At it’s heart, this is a story that pits technology against mysticism.

Thanks once again for your time and all the best in your Kickstarter. It’s off to a good start and there’s still 3 weeks to go.

Link to Saturn and Orion Kickstarter

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