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Review – Last Daughter of Lilith – Coming Undone – J.L. Metcalf

Last Daughter of Lilith :

Last Daughter of Lilith is available on Amazon.

In Katrina’s ordinary world everything has a place and there is an order to life. In one day her orderly life is completely shattered. Her parents disappear, a handsome man shows up at her doorstep and she comes face-to-face with a world she also assumed didn’t exist. She begins to confront her demons (both literal and figurative) while gearing up to fight a battle that will decide the fate of both her new family and the rest of humanity.

Last Daughter of Lilith, Coming Undone,J.L. Metcalf, jessica, book review

Coming Undone :

Coming Undone is available on Amazon.

Coming Undone is a personal memoir about my search for love, happiness and peace of mind. Finding love in this digital age isn’t easy, here I offer my journey to help others persevere. There are no easy steps to happiness. It is attainable, if only you have the courage to find it.

Last Daughter of Lilith, Coming Undone,J.L. Metcalf, jessica, book review

I was provided sample chapters by the author J.L. Metcalf to review her work. She was kind enough to give some of her time to answer a few questions as well.

Thanks for your time! Let’s start with with Coming Undone. It was obviously an intensely personal project. The foreward of the novel by Celeste was heartfelt and intense. It provided a peek into the unique bond that you both share. In regards to the journal writing, I understand that those entries may have been written a while ago. Did you consider editing your original entries so they link better and tell the story?

The footnotes are not all that abundant and the breaks were meant for me to allow myself the time to personally analyze and clarify my journey. I felt that the memoir read as I wanted it to read. Again, I do see your point but I felt that in order for me to be as truthful as possible, I had to create a narrative that delved into the issues and then also saw the point of it all.

Was completing such a personal project a cathartic experience?

It was an amazing experience for me. After publishing my first book, I hesitated writing this one. It is obviously extremely personal but the idea kept nagging and nagging at me and then, one day, I sat down and wrote this all in a week. It was the story I needed to tell and I hope that I am able to help even one person with their own struggles.

Was there a single “lightbulb” moment in journey from depression to happiness where things feel in place?

There was no “lightbulb” moment in my journey. It was a struggle and a joy to have to go through the process. I haven’t come through it entirely but the worst is in my past. The fact is, in a journey of self-discovery, some people have those “lightbulb” moments and some do not. Sometimes it’s a gradual process and that’s what it was for me.

Last Daughter of Lilith was your first novel. Great work! The premise was definitely interesting! Nice build up with the mysterious dreams of the “Shadow Man” to what happens when she argues with her parents. What was your inspiration for Katrina?

Katrina isn’t based off anyone. She became, over the seven years it took me to write the story, a person I really loved. She started off so weak and powerless but starts to come into her own by the end.

What happens next?

Oh my goodness, so much happens!! I am hopeful to write this “Last Daughter of Lilith” into a trilogy so we can learn more about who Lilith is and her motivations along with finding out more about some of my other characters. As for “Lilith”, you’d have to read the book to find out more about Katrina’s journey!

A trilogy! Good luck with your work. I’m sure you have a lot of directions you will be taking the character. Thanks again for you time and wish you all the best in your future endeavours.

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