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Creating a graphic novel but stopping along the way to take some photos, eat some food and admire great art!

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Spying with Lana – Sean Harrington – Mysterious Brunette – 02

The second page of the collaboration with Sean Harrington. The page Sean did is absolutely perfect! (Hopefully my instructions made sense.) I was thinking of the best way to construct the page, to make it easiest to understand this was a “flashback” and still ground it in the conversation between Lana and the chief in the present.

Update on Page 01
I forgot to mention it but it terms of writing I wanted page 1 to end with a cliffhanger. Hence the “Kill You” at the end as it opens up the story and hopefully the intrigue.

All completed pages will be collated in the below link :

Spying with Lana, spy, artwork, sexy, Sean Harrington, Mysterious Brunette

Review of Case 2 from previous story.
Chief explains how “Josh” was seduced by the mysterious brunette to tell everything he knew about Lana.

(There’s 2 type of panels. One is the normal panel, the other is the flashback panel. I’ll leave it with you, the best way to handle a flashback panel. Maybe change the borders or make everything in it Sepia rather than in colour?)

Panel 1 – Tall Panel across left of the page
This should stretch from top of the page all the way to the bottom.
The panels to the right are the flashback sequence.
Lana front view looking through the file (from Page 1), the chief is behind his desk.

Lana : How did you compile all this information?
Chief : It wasn’t easy Lana. A lot of good men suffered. Do you remember Josh?
Lana : Sure the idiot who was meant to watch my back and shot me?
Chief : Yes that’s him. Anyway . . .

(The next panels are to the right on Panel 1. They can overlap slightly as the flashback panel)

Panel 2 – Flashback Panel

Chief voiceover : She caught with Josh.

Josh is having a drink from one of the mega cups.
His back is facing the reader.
A manicured hand is taping him on the shoulder.

Panel 3 – Flashback Panel

Chief voiceover : It wasn’t pretty.

Foreground – Mysterious brunette is exposing herself to Josh.
The reader only see’s the trenchcoat from the back. (No nudity yet)
You can’t see her face.
Background – Josh eyes are wide open. The drink is being flung to one site.

Panel 4 – Flashback Panel

Chief voiceover : Poor Josh was tortured vigorously.

Mysterious brunette is riding Josh. Her long brown hair is covering her face.
Josh is in a state of utter bewilderment.

Panel 5 – Flashback Panel

Chief voiceover : Josh couldn’t talk for days at it all.

Josh is lying on the ground with a silly smile of his face.
He’s really out of it at the moment.
In the background you see the mysterious brunette’s feet walking away.

3 Responses to “Spying with Lana – Sean Harrington – Mysterious Brunette – 02”

  1. The flow of the layout is great and easy to read. I still wish that there was more indication of an environment- just a little more to add substance to the panels.
    I think that grey would probably translate better for “past tense” and any monochromatic color would represent the future.
    If I was doing it I would stick with the b/w grey tone you have for the present and maybe do all past tense artwork in pencil with some “warm grey” or in ink if you like.
    You’re using cold grey as your color anyway so warm grey would play off nicely.

    • SIGMATE says:


      Thanks for your comments!
      Love to get your honest feedback.

      The backgrounds could be more detailed but not too stressed about that.

      Flipping the colour scheme (flashback sequences in B&W, current day in Red) might be more dynamic! Nice idea.

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