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Creating a graphic novel but stopping along the way to take some photos, eat some food and admire great art!

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Red Sonja by Sean Harrington

Sean is also one of the most impressive artist I’ve seen and has done some amazing digital colouring works. His Red Sonja showcases his work from sketch through the colouring process to finished product.

Initial Sketch :

Colouring :

Final Product

How long have you been drawing?

I’ve been drawing pretty well my whole life. Being an artist was all I really wanted to do when I grew up. In 2004 I started up an art studio here in Virginia with my brother John, and I’ve been working at it ever since. So, although I never grew up, I did become an artist. I’ve also worked in advertising, which I never dreamed about when I was a kid, but it made pretty good money.

Is there anything particular style you try to achieve?

Realistic and dynamic is my goal, although whether I pull it off or not is debatable. I try to capture the feeling of motion with my pictures, like it’s moving even though it’s a still picture. My favorite things to draw are people; faces, bodies, muscles, I could do that all day. I really don’t like drawing backgrounds at all, so I tried 3D modelling them a few years back, and it was a lot of fun and I thought it suited my style well so I add 3D elements to my pictures whenever possible.

Did you receive any formal training?

I’m completely self-taught.
Just like Pink Floyd, I don’t need no education.

Wow! That’s impressive.
Who would you consider your influences?

Adam Hughes, Travis Charest, Paolo Serpieri, Alphonse Mucha, Howard Pyle, Masamune Shirow, Kenichi Sonada, and of course Frank Frazetta like everybody else in the fantasy art biz.

Thanks for your time!
The Red Sonja piece is absolutely amazing.

For more on Sean check out his website :


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  1. Thanks, Stephen! I appreciate you putting my work on your site. You’ve got a great thing going with Sigmate Studio and I wish you a lot of success with it.

  2. jason says:

    saw your positive message on my blog and just wanted to say thanks! checking out your blog and i like what i see. will check back for updates.

    good luck on your comic writing ventures as well. i too am currently still a 9 to 5 work drone! i would LOVE to draw the type of cartoons i do on my blog professionally but it’s good to do for fun and comments from new people is always nice. how did you find my blog? just curious.

  3. SIGMATE says:

    Sean :
    Love this piece!
    Very awesome. Just wait until your tutorial tomorrow.

    Jason :
    Thanks for the luck on the comic ventures. It’s progressing (although not as quickly as I would like!) Sorry but I can’t quite remember the link that took me to your blog!

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  5. Another great find, I love the way this piece came together and thanks for showing the process.

  6. Mike Crichlow says:

    Nice pic here! Love the build-up process as well. ^_^

  7. SIGMATE says:

    Mike :
    Looks like you found the Photoshop tutorial. Sean makes it look so easy!

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