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DC Women Faces by Cedric Poulat

Previous featured artist Cedric Poulat is showcasing a study of the faces of the prominent women in the DC Universe, namely Donna Troy, Zatanna, Wonder Woman, Poison Ivy, Harley Quinn,Batwoman, Mary Marvel, Powergirl and of course Supergirl. Cedric also provided a fantastic explanation to the faces used for the characters below. I think this is […]

Supergirl by Frank Kadar – Happy New Year

Thought I’d provide a better picture of the Supergirl work I received from Frank Kadar. Enjoy and wishing everyone a very Happy New Year‘s eve! Would love to hear about what happened to end out 2009 for you? Nothing too exciting planned on my end, although I’m planning to catch the firework celebrations. Still have […]

Christmas – Supergirl – She-Hulk – Powergirl – Mary Jane by Dean Juliette

Featured artist Dean Juliette has showcased some amazing Christmas Sketches. This post is a final showcase of his Christmas themed artwork. Death contemplating the silver bells is easily my favourite piece of the four although Dean’s stated that “the She-hulk . . it’s really a crazy one.” Powergirl and Supergirl : Death : She-Hulk : […]

Parcel in the mail – Frank Kadar – Venom Joker Supergirl Ironman

A while ago I received the coolest parcel from Troy Parke. This time in my mailbox was an incredible package from Frank Kadar containing his original artwork! 3 sketch cards featuring Venom (for a possible future competition), Joker and IronMan along with the most amazing 11×17 Supergirl work fully inked! Full Parcel : Venom: Joker: […]

Supergirl by Marcio Takara

Yesterday’s featured artist Marcio Takara with another step by step showcase. This time of Supergirl. Enjoy! Sketch : Inked : Preliminary :

Supergirl by Gerard Delatour II

Showcasing more of yesterday’s featured artist, Gerard’s artwork. An incredible Supergirl piece that’s been inkwashed! Also a very detailed New York Sykline with the Empire State Building right in the middle. Supergirl : Skyline :

Breaking in some watercolour pencils

Previous featured artist Michael Munshaw submitted a Supergirl sketch as a showcase piece. In his words : “I was playing around with some watercolor pencils my wife bought me. I needed something to play with that was already lying around, and there was your Supergirl.” Thanks for letting me share this piece!

Supergirl by Michael Munshaw

A couple more Babe sketches by featured artist Michael Munshaw. Even a special Supergirl sketch just for this site! Powergirl : Supergirl :

Supergirl by Luis XIII

Brazilian Luis XII has previously showcased some incredible art here, namely Mary Marvel and DC Trinity. He’s currently got some great art currently on eBay. Check out his art work and pick up a piece if interested. Link to : Luis XIII eBay Auctions Supergirl :