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Geek-Girl by Sam Johnson

Link to Geek-Girl Kickstarter

Geek-Girl is a fun series following the (mis)adventures of Ruby who uses a special set of glasses to gain super powers. She’s not trained in battling super villains and finds herself in situations over her head whilst having to deal with issues in her normal life.

Geek-Girl is currently on Kickstarter where you can pre-order the series. I had the opportunity to ask some questions to the author and creator, Sam Johnson.

Geek-Girl, Sam Johnson, Kickstarter

Thanks for your time! What was the inspiration for the lead character Ruby?

Ruby was one of three characters I just came up with for a Who Wants to Create a Superheroine Contest.

What was the Create a Superheroine Contest?

Jim Valentino’s Shadowline Studios ran it, inviting people to pitch ideas for new super-heroines, the idea was the winner was intended to be turned into an Image Comics Mini-Series.

Geek-Girl, Sam Johnson, Kickstarter

How far have you planned the story?

The second Mini-Series is plotted and half-scripted, and if enough of a fanbase has built up for GG after its TPB comes out, an ongoing series will follow, which I already have lots of plans for.

Anything the fans can expect coming up?

It’s difficult to go into this much because of how the first Mini-Series ends on a cliffhanger. But what I will say is that following Lightning Storm’s actions, the heroes of Ruby’s home town are going to have their hands full, and more weird and wonderful villains will be coming out of the woodwork.

Geek-Girl, Sam Johnson, Kickstarter

What motivated you to write Geek Girl?

She’s a fun character, I wanted to develop Ruby and her universe, and see how the effects of the glasses change a character who doesn’t necessarily start out as the most likeable.

How was it like working with Carlos (artist)?

Great, Carlos is The Man for the job, he brings loads to the Geek-Girl in terms of fleshing out the characters in their facial expressions and body language, as well as delivering great action; and I’m very pleased he’s on board for Series 2.

We’ve never physically met, I advertised for a long time for artists on online comic-related forums and Facebook before finding the right artist in Carlos. He’s in Colombia and I’m in the UK. The power of the internet.

Any words of advice for aspiring comic creators?

Start by getting short stories done for anthologies; that doesn’t mean they have to be completely done in one; you can use them to introduce creations you want to take beyond.

Thanks for your time Sam! Please check out Sam’s Kickstarter where you can Pre-Order a copy of his work.

Link to Geek-Girl Kickstarter

Geek-Girl, Sam Johnson, Kickstarter

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