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Psychosis by Adam Atkinson and David Coates

Click here for the Kickstarter project.

Psychosis is written by Adam Atkinson and pencilled by David Coates. I was provided a preview copy and some of Adam’s time to discuss his work. The project has been funded so it will definitely go ahead, it’s a good opportunity to get some of the stretch goals.

Psychosis is not a kid’s comic. Coates has done an excellent work with the action sequences and portraying the dark and violent world. The storytelling is crisp and it will be interesting to see how Atkinson expands on the initial issue. (He assures me that issue 2 is in the works!)

Cover :
Adam Atkinson, David Coates, Kickstarter, Showcase, Psychosis

Interior 1 :
Adam Atkinson, David Coates, Kickstarter, Showcase, Psychosis

What was your inspiration for the world? Is there any light of hope in this dark setting?

My inspiration for the world was one of complete darkness. I did not want anyone to feel hope or light, I want the reader to feel that even though Psychosis is willing to kill anything that stands in his way, he is still the only hope the world has. I want people to feel connected to him, and know that if this was a reality, we would need to rise up and do exactly as he does.

What was your inspiration for Victor (the protagonist) ?

I wanted to do something unique compared to what is out there. I wanted to tie in a lot of life experience with friends and family who have suffered through mental illnesses, and tie this into my character. I felt the best way was giving my character PTSD and Multiple Personalities, which will help our story but will also help bring some information to people on these illnesses.

We are working with a few ex-military members, a psychiatrist, and a few medical professionals to make sure we portray everything accurately. Also wrapped in, I wanted to make sure that people could relate to Victor, but that people would have trouble admitting they could relate to Psychosis. It makes you like the character while you hate him at the same time.

How far have you planned the story? Is there an overaching plotline you are working towards?

I have planned the story from start to finish. It is tentatively slated for about 25 issues. I am doing a rough outline right now for every issue, while writing issue 2. David Coates and I are ready to work on every issue together. There will be a constant plot of hunting down each of the SeVeN, but we have a lot of subplots already in play. Expect quite a few twists and turns, as I love a good surprise!

Are there plans to go to colour?

At this time we prefer the black and white as it really hits home for the story and character. His personality is polar opposite, so we want the comic itself to be full of polar opposites.

I agree with your decision. I think B&W really suits the story telling! Thanks for your time and good luck with the rest of your kickstarter project.

Click here for the Kickstarter project.

Interior 2 :
Adam Atkinson, David Coates, Kickstarter, Showcase, Psychosis

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  1. Adam Atkinson says:

    Thanks so much for the time, review and interview! We appreciate you taking time out of your schedule to do this, and look forward to reading more of your work.

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