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Creating a graphic novel but stopping along the way to take some photos, eat some food and admire great art!

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Spying with Lana – Sean Harrington – Mysterious Brunette – 04

The letter here is more a foreshadow device that will link up the story in the end. As much as Lana’s cases are trivial and fun, they still have to make sense, right? I actually talked to the penciller Sean a little about of page, I love the way the sexy montage sequence turned out!

All completed pages will be collated in the below link :

Spying with Lana, spy, artwork, sexy, Sean Harrington, Mysterious Brunette

Synopsis :

Lana wonders how she will find the mysterious brunette.

Panel 1 –

Lana – Why is she following up on all my cases? Is she trying to find a weakness?
Chief – Possibly so. Everyone is worried about the situation.

Lana is looking worried.
Chief is trying to reassure her.

Panel 2 –

Chief – We’ve received this letter just today. Not sure where the other half is but it reads . . .
” . . kill . . . Lana. Tell her to meet me at the abandoned warehouse 13 by the pier at 10pm. Lana
has to come alone.”
Lana – No one tries to kill me!

Chief is holding up a letter. It’s 1/2 torn.
Lana is very angry.

Panel 3 / 4 / 5- Montage Sequence (Sexy)

Lana is changing out of the sweater gym clothes and putting on a leather jumpsuit.

Page 6 –

Chief – Wait . . .

She jumps into a ferrari and speeds off.
Chief is background.

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