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Creating a graphic novel but stopping along the way to take some photos, eat some food and admire great art!

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Rocketeer by Sara Richard

Sara Richard is a 23 year old sculptor and illustrator from a wicked cool small town in New Hampshire. Her showcase piece is an amazing Rocketeer artwork. (I do kind of remember the movie!) Her linework is very impressive and it’s a fantastic style.

Sketch :
Sara Richard Rocketeer Artwork

Final :
Sara Richard Rocketeer Artwork

Thanks for your time firstly. Just to find out a little more about you, what do you do for fun?

I’ve always wished i could fly so this summer I started learning how to hang glide. it was the best thing i’ve ever done and i would be flying every chance i could get if it was possible. my goal in life is to get settled enough to where i could do art on the side and fly whenever i wanted. maybe have a little place on the edge of a cliff by the ocean?

Other things are cosplaying with my two best friends, because who wants Halloween just one time a year? We’ve been to conventions throughout New England and out to Ohio. And of course sketching, drawing and sculpting. ^_^

Love cosplay! You must send some photos for this site. OK . . about your work . . you have a very distinct style. It’s always a tough question but how would you describe your artwork?

I would like to sum up my work as: something a little different. I would say my work is very Art Nouveau inspired. It really came about when I wanted tattoos of something art nouveau and a dinosaur so i thought, “why not put it together?” so now i have a little line-y raptor on my side and from there i just kept working on the style and expanding the subject matter. I also want to capture energy and direction of the subject. The lines I place either help caricature a feature of move the eye in a direction about the piece.

All my pieces are done traditionally with acrylic and ink. (except for line work tweaking) I raid the scrapbooking isle at art art stores for different papers and then channel my inner Jackson Pollock to splatter complimenting colors into the background.

From a really loose (loose is key) preliminary sketch i start the linewerk, adding in lines as I go. from the linewerk i’ll throw it into adobe photoshop to correct any compositional problems. I print out the linewerk and transfer it to the background paper with graphite paper, then i’ll add the color with acrylic washes, and then the final ink lines with Faber Castel pens..In inking, more lines might be added spur of the moment.

In my time at Columbus College of Art & Design I took illustration classes on the side, my favorite courses involved color theory and trips to the zoo for sketching sessions. But the most impressionable class was my 3-D illustration class, taught by the amazing Mark Hazelrig. He organized a workshop with Hasbro and that’s where I learned to sculpt toys.

Currently I’m in Rhode Island sculpting little tiny people and creatures for Hasbro. Lines I’ve worked on include G.I Joe, Star Wars, Marvel and My Little Pony. When I’m not sculpting I like drawing my favorite comic characters into a bundle of pretty lines.

Awesome! It must be great to sculpt different toys. Back to art . . any artistic influences?

Obviously artists of the art nouveau era are a huge influence, but probably my favorite artists are the Scottish artists, Charles Rennie and Margaret Macdonald Mackintosh. Not only is their art so special but the love story of those two artists should be written into a book. Then of course is every art kid’s staple favorite: Alphonse Mucha. The man was good at what he did!

Other artists presently working that influence me are Skottie Young, Sean “Cheeks” Galloway, Frank Cho, Adam Hughes and Clayton Crain and my good buddy David Silva of

Any places we can see more of your work?

I’ve had a few pieces of work published in the magazine, Prehistoric Times (issue #89 for the Styracosaurus, issue #90 for the Cryolophosaurus) The Carnotaurus piece should be in the upcoming issue (#93). I’m hoping to soon put together my own art book.

Looking forward to see your art book when it comes out. Thanks once again for your time.

For more of Sara’s work check out :

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  1. Farmers Wife says:

    Love her work! Chalk one up for the girls…!

  2. Blaze says:

    Her style is awesomeriffic! Gotta love her colorings too

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