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Summer Fairy by Linda Gock

Sydney (Australia) based Linda Gock is a pharmacist by day and artist by night. She’s using Summer Fairy as her showcase piece.

Please tell me a little more about your showcase piece. How did you create it?

I wanted to capture the freedom we feel in the warmer months where we are free to enjoy the warm embrace of nature. I start off with a pencil sketch and refine it until I know exactly where I want the lines to be. I then go over them with a very fine felt-tipped pen (ink is not often kind to left-handers) and build up outlines where necessary. After erasing the rough pencil shading I add a subtle graphite shading then add colour.

Preliminary inked :

Completed Coloured :

So how did get started? Did you do any courses or any formal training?

As a student in my earlier days I would never have a book in front of me without it having a scrap of paper hidden in the pages on which to draw. I have no formal training, which I believe allows me to be freer in my expression. It is sometimes a little frustrating, but as they say, experience is the best teacher. I hope to do some anatomy classes and definitely work more on perspective in the future, and also learn to use references more. However I still do enjoy starting with a blank sheet and seeing where the pencil takes itself.

How would your describe your work? Is there a style to your works?

I am attracted to the beauty of rainbows in nature and pretty, shiny things. I think this is reflected in my artwork, even in an unconscious manner. My style has been described as whimsical and fancy-free, which I quite like, as for many people art is a catalyst to escape the constraints of reality. Although I admire realism I think a touch of sketchiness really brings out the fact that the artist is not copying reality but creating their own. The most important thing however, is that when dealing with human-like subjects they must be treated with respect. The female form is beautiful and has always been popular for many artists but prone to abuse. I try to show the inner strength and power of the subject, not just the attractiveness on the outside.

Usually my drawings are not planned. I start with a head and let my intuition take me where it seems right. I find this way they turn out more balanced, and more dynamic compared to a planned work. However this is not always possible with commissions, in which case I usually need several sketches for poses and costume requirements.

What would you consider your influences?

Art nouveau and the works of Mucha influence me greatly. I love his style and the elegance of his art. I also love artists that have their own distinct style yet merge it into reality like putting on a new pair of glasses. Artists I admire include Andy Park, Jessica Oyhenart, Chris Bachalo, Michelle Hoefener and Tim Shumate. I also think my brief stint belly dancing has helped keep the flow in my art and making costumes for dance really inspire some of my later works. However most of my works are still fantasy-based, as I cut my teeth as an artist on Elfwood ( 10 years ago and have been learning with and from artists on that site ever since.

Great to see you can draw inspiration from almost any source. Thanks for your time and I hope you continue your works and your belly dancing!

See more of Linda’s work at :

7 Responses to “Summer Fairy by Linda Gock”

  1. Cecilia says:

    Linda, Stephen, fantastic interview!

  2. Violet says:

    Wow that’s really pretty. Her ink work is really lovely and that was an interesting interview to read!
    Thanks for all the comments on my blog! I replied there, but in case you don’t go back I’ll definitely be putting more art on.
    Btw are you on comicspace? If you are you should add me ( I haven’t updated for a while but there is a fair bit of art there to tide you over until next aceo Friday ;)

  3. Ellen says:

    You forgot to say that you don’t like drawing toes. ;) I really like that piece, not one I remember seeing before. Now get back to being creative and living your dream.
    Really like your blog Stephen… but I do think it’s time for more of your own artwork.

  4. SIGMATE says:

    Cec :
    Thanks for the comment!
    Like I said . . Linda has great style.

    Violet :
    I’m not on comicspace but something new to join.
    Will add you when I’m done!

    Ellen :
    Haha . . my artwork doesn’t compare with the artists I have scheduled!

  5. Shui says:

    Yeah Linda!!
    Lovely interview! More! More!

  6. Linda says:

    Thanks for the feature Stephen! I can’t wait to hear more about YOUR progress!

  7. SIGMATE says:

    Linda . . I’ll post more stuff in the near future. Currently working on a project but waiting until it’s more completed before posting up.

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