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Creating a graphic novel but stopping along the way to take some photos, eat some food and admire great art!

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Another Green Tea Ice-Cream

Another Green Tea Ice-Cream from a sushi shop in Sydney’s northern suburbs. Except this time wafers instead of cornflakes were used and this version was topped with fresh strawberries. The ice-cream was home made and was very delicious!

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  1. michy says:

    Hey there! Thanks for visiting my blog! :D Anyway, are u from melb or sydney? I am super craving for green tea ice cream now! :/

  2. SIGMATE says:

    This one was particularly delicious. Azuki (red bean) and green tea are the perfect combination! I’m from Sydney.

  3. michy says:

    Yes, I totally agree! Azuki and green tea are perfecto! Love love love them! :D And the pizzas, I must go give it a go when I visit Sydney! Gosh, I’m feeling hungry just thinking of the food. Grrr. :P

  4. SIGMATE says:

    michy :
    If you’re ever in Sydney, definitely look me up! I’ll show the best eateries.

  5. Will says:

    woooo – that looks good. how does this place compare to passion flower? im off to sydney in july and i can’t wait to get bloated with all the good food!

  6. SIGMATE says:

    Passionflower has more exotic flavours but a little too expensive. When you come in July, the Darling Harbour Passionflower has moved to George St.

  7. michy says:

    I definitely will. Planning to visit Sydney either this Easter break or during the winter break. Will buzz u then! :D

  8. SIGMATE says:

    Might be travelling in Easter but will definitely be around in Winter. Will (a Perth blogger) might be around July. This could be an interesting get together!

  9. lk77 says:

    Nice green tea ice-cream. Did they have black sesame ice cream as well?

  10. SIGMATE says:

    Yes there’s Black Sesame. That’s a photo for another post.

  11. lk77 says:

    Will Ben & Jerrys have green tea ice-cream?

    Probably not. HAHA

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