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Pride of Baghdad

I recently purchased this graphic novel for my wife. I ordered it about 3 weeks ago and it arrived last weekend. She’s not really into superheroes although she loved Archie comics as a kid. Anyway she really enjoyed Pride of Baghdad and finished reading it in one sitting. Although she found the ending a little distressing (no spoiler), she remarked the art was incredible and it was a well written story.

I read this graphic novel a while ago and loved how the subtle themes of freedom (and our perception of freedom) is conveyed through the plight of a pride of lions escaping from a Baghdad zoo. The artwork is fantastic and the penciller is able to show emotions on the various animals in the story. Highly recommended and worth checking out.

Note : This won’t be a strictly comic review site, however I will post the odd review every once in a while. Please feel free to email me if there’s anything in particular you might want reviewed and I’ll do my best to get something posted.

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  1. Ian says:

    If your wife doesn’t usually read comics because they are too superhero-y or too cartoony, get her to try out these titles:

    Spider-Man Loves Mary Jane
    Y – The Last Man

    Something that casual readers can pick up also!

    Big fan of Fables and Y – The Last Man (although Y has now concluded).

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